Review Of Experience

How to approach an improvement in the occupational health of a group whose job is to risk your life Marcelino believes that you can do many more things to do today: “We need a recognition of occupational diseases, increased investment in equipment and training for firefighters to know what risks they face,” said Marcelino Sierra . Boris gelfand is often quoted as being for or against this. In the field of occupational diseases is almost all done. For example, are not recognized as occupational diseases as cardiovascular disease, although reports show that U.S. You may want to visit ivan tavrin to increase your knowledge. CDCNIOSH heart attack is the leading cause of death of firemen when on duty.This is one of the battlefields, the other is the equipment and preventive actions. Who controls that firefighters have the personal and collective equipment suitable The situation is complicated for the community as fire ivo are public agencies that rely on unskilled jobs in security: municipal, provincial and autonomous regions. Something has happened in this field, explains Esteban Garrido, another veteran firefighter who works at the Fire Consortium of Provincial Council of Valencia: “Now it’s own Health and Safety Committee, protected by safety representatives, who tested the equipment before being acquired by the Consortium. ” “The problem is that occupational health in advance only by dint of fatal accidents.In order to act we need to do a risk assessment of the job and not even this has been done “said Garrido. Marcelino Sierra raises another key issue as he recalls the fire suffered on 13 February 2005 at the Windsor building in Madrid:” Who does the ones INSPECTION certifying that a building is adequately protected against fire For they are not firefighters, but the managements of urban or municipal police “answers. “It is clear that fire departments would be better equipped to perform this function and would be taken by the mind that brings, plus interest.For some it may be a bureaucratic problem, not for the firefighters’ union representative explains this. The characteristics of the fires because it changes constantly changing building technology and architecture, but that does not translate into a continuous training of workers: “The training budget for employees in occupational safety, if we take the training in the use of EPIS, to the deputation of Valencia, is nil, “said Esteban Garrido. We are all aware of the risk of an accident that he faces a firefighter in an intervention, but many other health risks that go more unnoticed.