RightNow And Susan Together Provide On-demand-CRM Solutions In

Strategic partnership Munich / Weiterstadt completed, June 7, 2008 RightNow Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW), a leading provider of on-demand CRM software solutions, and the IT consulting and services company Danet have signed a strategic partnership. The cooperation aims together to market the on-demand CRM solutions from RightNow in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. With RightNow solutions can companies be consistently superior customer experiences across all interfaces it in the service, sales or marketing to make sure. The on-demand CRM software solutions contribute not only to improving efficiency but also to build of profitable customer relationships. With his new release, RightNow may ‘ 08, the company offers new online chat features and is the first provider of an on-Deman-CRM solution, possessing full capabilities for enterprise-wide detecting feedback information in the sales, service and marketing. The Danet group can be incorporated into the cooperation their profound expertise in the area of customer relationship management and on-demand solutions. The consulting firm serves the customers along the entire value chain. To advise clients on their individual strategy for customer service.

On the other hand, Danet will develop custom solutions with RightNow applications and integrate into the existing IT environment. Thus, customers can benefit from their on-demand CRM software solutions and increase their productivity. We believe by the on-demand business model totally\”, emphasizes Dr. Reiner nickel, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Danet. Our company has with the order-to-cash on-demand service\”also an own, successful in the market solution in the range of services. This depends mainly on the established and new telecommunications and media companies, as well as all companies that market content and advertising or E-commerce is offered. The two CRM solutions complement each other ideal. While our solution especially for resellers, brand tiers of trading platforms in the Internet, pay TV and content, is suitable in particular for customer service, marketing and sales\”CRM solutions from RightNow Technologies, nickel is added.