Russian Film Academy

However, everything that I saw in him the incarnation is just honing his own one day invented moves and techniques with their subsequent variations. – And yet he is a professor and head of directing GITISa now rati – Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. What are you laughing? – Yes, the fact that at one time talked Rector vgik rename Institute in the Academy – Russian Film Academy – reduced cancer. But it is, to the word. And I laugh over the fact that for a man who saw the performances Tovstonogov, A. Efros, A. Vasilyev, A Goncharov, the same still sane and away, away And, mind you, not only saw, but had the good fortune to deal with these great masters of the stage, and so, for me to hear that Sergey Professor and Head Department of directing – funny that, for all that does not detract from the achievements of Sergei, he lad – he himself did, however, to the detriment of some simple things, but that's his choice.

– And do not forget that this genius of Russian direction – it is our Pyotr Naumovich . – Now your message is heard irony? Or it seemed to me? – A little bit. – Honestly, I can not call him "our>>. – Why not? You, like me, learned from him, then – he is our teacher and we are his disciples. – Never refused by the fact that he was my master, but the teacher, the question for me is very, very controversial.