Scorpians Maria

In the sequinte day. As all the month, the brothers go for the Black Mountain for spoon the maces, but, before them sairem of house, Maria he said: Maria: _ Can go first, I and the Isabel still do not eat, and we go in them soon ahead, can trust! Joo: _ All good, more does not delay. As soon as the brothers of Maria and Isabel sairam, they had delayed some minutes and had gone up the Negra.A Mountain arriving the old House, the old one was in front of house, and said: Old: _ Girls, come here! Maria and Isabel if had approached half distrustful, and the old one said: Old: _ Isabel, you knew Scorpians, all that live there are different, had never joined human beings and Isabel, you was the first one human being to enter in the city of Scorpians, as soon as you, entered sighted I it, and when she was come close to min and my White Tiger, immediately I was to speak with king Scorpians, it she was not very pleasant with its prescena and wants to know. Scared Isabel said: Isabel: _ All good, more I can take the Maria? Old: _ Can yes! We go? then ahead, they had entered in the world, meanwhile its brothers asked of them, because of the delay more, had continued the spoon the maces why they were early pra to be to go up the Mountain. Meanwhile in Scorpians Maria, Isabel, Old and its White Tiger followed until the o castle, and then it appeared a falante Beaver that said: Beaver: _ Where I dechei to fall? Isabel said: Isabel: _ I can help? Beaver: _ Or my God is it human being, the first human being to enter in our world, very well coming my girl. Isabel is magic with the goodness and the doura it Beaver and says: Isabel: _ Obliged! the old one says in sequida: Old: _ Vamos soon, the king already must be to wait.