Small Companies Work

The innovative company offers products and services that are more useful to its customers, use more efficient processes of production, it is opened the new organizacionais methods, and, it is always renewing its strategy of marketing. At last, company who innovates is the one that always will be prepared to continue alive in the market. Inside of this context, as we will be able to inside promote the innovation of the micron and small Brazilian company? General objective To spread out this subject to the new administrators so that, when entering in the work market, either in public companies, private, or still in its proper business, they can always act of innovative form searching new forms to work and to produce thus its result either capable to satisfy the consumers and to transform the market with its services and products. Specific objective To reach the biggest number of entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs with the information contained in this work of research, being despertando the creativity and ousadia for the innovation of its company in relation to the services, products, processes, marketing, etc. With the end to continue moving the country and promoting the generation of jobs that the Micron and Small Companies have made until today. Methodology will be used an analytical research using excellent information of literatures, teses and materials that deal with the subject in question, for the enrichment of the work and a concise elaboration that promotes an agreement clearly and. Justification the micron and small companies are one of the main pillars of sustentation of the Brazilian economy, as much for its enormous generating capacity of jobs, how much for the significant number of disconcentrated establishments geographically. In statistical terms, this enterprise segment represents 25% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), generates 14 million jobs, that is, 60% of the formal job in the country, and constitutes 99% of the 6 million existing formal establishments, answering still for 99,8% of the companies who are created to each year, according to data of the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Pequenas Companies (SEBRAE).