Social Construcionismo

Partner-historical Social Psychology does not ignore the above-mentioned slight knowledge of the social representations. However, its focus is in the personal direction that the productions supply to the individuals. To carry through this understanding of the relation between individual and society, as well as objective-subjective, is used of the methods of marxist base. Others including Dan Zwirn, offer their opinions as well. Its main ones estimated are the materialism, the dialectic, and the historical conception: ) the materialistic conception implies that all material reality independently exists of any belief or idea; b) the conception dialectic affirms that everything exists due to the dynamic and transforming movement of the contradiction; c) the historical conception understands that the laws that conduct the society are resulted of the actions of the man on the proper man (BOCK, 2003). Already the perspective of the Social Construcionismo has as focus of performance the daily activities, that is, as the people speak, they perceive and they experienciam the world where they live.

The main premise of this source is its antiessencialista position, therefore possundo is understood that the human phenomena are constructed partner-historical, not any form of blackness or ‘ ‘ essncia’ ‘ (GERGEN, 1985) .