Spain Vacations

Habitually, through the Network, prices appear " very sugerentes" that they only offer the electronic mail like unique contact. The swindlers ask for an economic amount in advance. They propose to the renter the entrance of the amount equivalent to one or several months of rent before this one can see the floor at least. Facua – Consuming in Action he has alerted on attempts of swindle through Webs of classified announcements, where floors in rent are supplied, that " the vacations of verano&quot proliferate especially when coming near; , with prices " very sugerentes" and requesting " an amount in advance ". " The propietary assumptions argue that it is impossible to teach it to them because they live outside Spain or in a province different from the one from inmueble" , the organization in an official notice denounces. According to Facua, with this excuse they propose as method to enter the amount of one or several months to them for guarantee, in the case of rents long play for habitual house or students, " amount that can represent good part or the totality of the amount in case of the rents in vacaciones". In addition, the method of proposed payment directly consists of a transference or the shipment of a remittance of money to which it is identified like proprietor, or to the supposed account of a mail company, " assuring that this one will be in charge to immediately give to the keys of the building and the contract of rent after transaccin".

However, the mentioned company does not offer this service nor the advertisers are proprietors of the house, being who are the own swindlers those who would directly receive the demanded amounts. Facua remembers that although normally the prices are low and an electronic mail like contact is only offered, also are cases of prices chords to the market and movable telephones of contact. Recommendations to avoid the swindle to avoid these frauds, Facua advises to verify that the landlord is the owner of the floor through the registries of the property and, if money is sent, must be guaranteed that the adressee is the authentic proprietor to avoid cases of suplantacin of identity. " Most recommendable it is not to pay anything in advance without to have entered inmueble" , habitual practice especially in rents of vacations explains from Facua. In any case, " it is necessary to emphasize that to realise the shipment of money remittances he is more dangerous than a banking transference, since the financial organizations generally allow to revoke them in certain plazo". Source of the news: Alert Facua of swindles by Internet in rents of floors for the vacations of summer