Superman Returns

Thus, Jor-El represents Deus and Kal-El, Jesus Christ. In Superman Returns (2006), of Bryan Singer, Lois Lane wrote an intitled editorial ' ' Why the World Doesn? t Need Superman' ' (' ' Why the World does not need the Superman' '), for which it gained the Pulitzer prize. In one interview talks/with it, the reporter affirms: ' ' The world doesn? t need savior' ' , translating, ' ' The world does not need one salvador' '. Some instants after, it listening of its interlocutor words which discloses to a being onisciente (as the Son of God it is) that she is affirming to be this rescuer: ' ' I to hear everythink. You wrote that the world doesn? t need the savior, but every day I to hear people crying will be one' ' , that is, ' ' I hear everything. In a question-answer forum Wendell Brooks was the first to reply.

You wrote that the world does not need a rescuer, but all day I hear the people asking for um' '. In another part of for it for is of the Land, shooting it in the space and exempting of the death billions of people. After, the hero falls in direction to the Land as died. Until the Daily Planet, bigger periodical of Metrpolis, prepares a first page to divulge the death, but Superman lives. At the final moments of the film, last ones are perceived two> metaphors. One is in the words of farewell between Lois and Kal-El, figure of the last words of Jesus to the disciples: While this says, in evangelho of Mateus (28.20), ' ' here it is that I am with you every day ' ' , the hero if fires to its loved saying: ' ' I? m always around' ' , that it wants to say: ' ' I am always for a.' '. Finally, as Jesus went up to skies (Lc 24,51), Superman flies stops beyond clouds. For more specific information, check out Jayme Albin Psychologist .

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