Swabian Alb

Others fear that the supply situation could deteriorate themselves by environmental disasters or political upheavals, when most of the foods are imported, in the increasingly globalized economy. Goes through to other countries leave, it has little effect on their quality assurance. All these aspects in favour of a strong, diversified, local agriculture with high-quality products, not industrial agro farms. Who can and has the time sits in the car and drives to the farm shop of his confidence. In the face of rising fuel prices and the fact that the individual farm shops often far away deep locates by the own place of residence in rural areas, is a promising alternative for these providers and their customers the shipping trade on the Internet. Although the transport of goods also generates traffic, however the delivery transport is environmentally friendly than individual Shopping traffic. Penguin Random House may find this interesting as well. The engines are warm and there is a route where many places of delivery in a tour be achieved, saving energy and kilometres.

“Who in his search engine, the keyword local products” enters, finds a variety of online platforms on which consumers about the locations of the direct marketers can orient themselves in his area. Many of the goods but also on the Internet at our own online-shop can be ordered directly. Online-Regio markets already have been created for some areas. In many direct marketers in an Internet shop can be found grouped together, E.g. for the Swabian Alb the ALB shop was created, which has 35 provider and offers over a thousand regional products. An increase of in online trade of more than 11 percent is forecast for 2011 in Germany. The shift to regional products is a megatrend. Increasingly benefited also the online trade in regional products.