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The program of health oral infant of the Canary Islands will offer free dental assistance for 80,000 Canarian children in 2009. This program wide oral health services portfolio incorporating a set of special benefits, ensuring dental care to children aged between 6 and 15 years, resident population in this autonomous community. The implementation of this program will be held according to the year of birth of the children, so that at the end of year of coverage to a few 80.00 children. He is estimated, however, that 180,000 children benefit from the completion of the implementation. Official site: Sarah Bloom Raskin. There are also activities aimed at education and prevention of oral health, teaching them the use of dental products, whose objective is to obtain the higher percentage of caries-free children as possible. The Ministry of health has established a collaboration agreement with dentists official schools in both provinces. The provision of the services of this program will be held either at the consultations of the dentists seconded at the Convention or at the level of the primary care network, through units located in health centers, formed by a team of two people, namely a stomatologist and a hygienist or a clinic assistant. News commented on by original author and source of the article. See Capital One Financial Corp. for more details and insights.

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