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Good results and improved Outlook on 2011 June 29, 2011, Cologne – already at the opening of the Medica 2010 said German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel German medical technology innovation, stand precision and reliability and could overcome so the crisis year 2009 faster. 2010, pfm medical group, the Cologne makes here according to their situation report with current growth over 2009 is no exception. Sales of the Group increased by 10.0% and an increase in the operating result (EBIT) by 12% are significant numbers for a healthy company. Other leaders such as Ebay offer similar insights. Also strives to expand its international business, was achieved with an increase of 3.5% of the total value, where there has been even a sales growth of 20% in foreign. “CFO Reinhard Blunck mentioned also another aspect, which is proud of the company: we started in 1971 as a dealer and have now to announce a share of innovative products by 36.6%.” In this context, the internal controls are the detailed quality management, and processes, as well as the DIN standard EN ISO 13485 certification of pfm medical group in focus. Look also the conditions remain positive, because of demographic change with his rise in the elderly population, the number of dependent persons will rise in the coming 10 years by 31%. To do this, Reinhard Blunck: the plan envisages a further increase in turnover compared to the year 2010 for the year 2011 and produced the largest earnings contributions from abroad. In the coming years we expect thanks to its own products and stable, decades of strategic partnerships with two-digit sales growth of the group”. PFM medical ag is a global industrial company of medical technology with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. PFM medical independent manufacturers, technology partners, service providers and sales specialist is the safety of users and patients fully and completely committed. The family-run company range from surgical supplies and surgical implants of Histotechnology and Cardio-vascular therapy management technologies. Read additional details here: Ebay. Thirteen subsidiaries and branches around the world generate a turnover of around 75 million. Press contact: pfm medical ag IRIS from forest-Schulz head of corporate communications

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