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Industry contacts centres evident symptoms of Regional growth and at the same time demand for examples and knowledge that enable set operations on best practices. The effective management of the different remote channels of interaction with different customer segments that make up the most precious asset of any organization asset, poses a new challenge to the industry that must prepare management tables and middle managers, for the purpose of responding to the new demands made by the evolution of this activity. The challenge not only focuses on the external customer loyalty but also in the asset more precious, each organization the client internal proprietary. Today, more than ever, is strategic to be able to attract, retain, and loyalty to our team. For operating conditions not always accompany this environment where every day is more characterized by the speed of change and scarce which gives the ability for the maturity, stability and consequent growth of the vital asset, our people. From this perspective we began to develop this document so that the Management can design a methodology that allows to maximize efforts in achieving the objectives with which every day has to contend in the operation. In a sentence; prepare to evaluate conflict of interest when it comes to making the decision (the personal/professional) towards the zone D is the coronation of the success of the management of all a team that accepts the challenge of the professionalization of the contact center from the perspective of the establishment of a climate of work, which guarantees the reason of human beings be happy. Anything is possible to construct without this slogan. The nine steps leading to Zone D process to get from some areas (A, B, or C) to Zone D, as all process is a path that we can launch commitment from make the decision to do so and that involves many actors within the Organization, Call Center Manager, supervisors, quality, Coaches and agents.

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