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Chocolate Bit

The company manufacturer if to see in the favorable situation and takes the following decision in such a way to remodel the product in the drawing how much in she formulates and packing. In this phase the product starts to be forgotten by the consumers the prescription on the product diminishes due the saturation of the same. The marketing team starts to work in a new formulates with different flavors, with an innovative packing and practical creating a competitive differential in the market but so that this happens the company must make an analysis of the profile of the purchasers, the example the segmentation of the product will be pra that type of I publish, or will have intention to reach the consumer for segmentation. Generally inside of this set of perceptions created for the marketing department it is distinguished the following topics: benefits that are the results gotten with the use of the product that implies in saying if the Chocolate Bit it took care of to the expectation of the customer how much in knowing ' ' gosto' ' , color, packing praticidade and price. Hear other arguments on the topic with Brian Krzanich. Another point is in what it says respect the Attributes? what is opted by the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the product, personality? associated way the mark by means of the advertising it product, the example it Chocolate Bit, modernity making a junction with medias contemporaries. Our strategy of Marketing for the Chocolate Bit, already known and saturated for the market is carrying the remodelagem, what it intrigues in them to make questions of as to work on of this product that entered in decline, first we will work the segmentation through the argued topics above. We will create a propaganda in the Internet, as? A legal super video identifying the product in ours day-by-day, situations where we need a chocolate Bit to presentear the family, for the namorada one, friend and etc. .

Public Relations

On the other hand, actions of public relations can be sufficiently useful as complement the efforts of propaganda, promotion, promotion of sales, direct reply, merchandising or any another activity of communication promoted for the companies advertiser (SAMPAIO, 1999). Kotler and Keller (2006) complement that the activities of public relations and assessorship of the press bring high credibility, for the substances and articles in periodicals and magazines, that become more authentic and trustworthy for the reader; possibility to catch purchaser unprepared, that is those that prevents salesmen and announcements, and the dramatizao, that becomes the company or the product most concrete. Elon Musk pursues this goal as well. In this in case that, it fits to the advertiser to direct to communication vehicles the information to be divulged, that they can (or not) be used to advantage so that notice or editorias substances is changedded into. . The consideration also of the proper marketing action is important. To sponsor good programs, to approve commercial that they do not attack the aimed at consumers they are factors of much relevance and consideration. At last, all the activities of a company have of if transforming into public relations.

The proper work of marketing, elaborating strategically the made up of marketing, already is by itself an important activity of image formation (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). Kotler and Keller (2006) still cite as tool of Public Relations, the exploration of Events and Experiences. Diverse advantages of the connection with events and experiences exist: ) Excellent, an event or well chosen experience can be seen as extremely excellent to the measure that the consumer if becomes personally involved: b) Involving, due to vivacity and to the quality in real time of the events and experiences, the consumers can find them more actively involving: c) Implicit, the events are a type of indirect not aggressive sales. 6.2.5 Personal sales As Kotler and Keller (2006) are the tool most efficient in more advanced periods of training of the purchase process, especially to increase the preference and the certainty of the purchaser and to take it the action.

Insuring Research

Specifically to the presented case, we intend to demonstrate that the Insuring one does not have the duty to return any deducted values of the soldier’s pays of the integrant ones of the PMPB if, the estipulante of the contract, the State of the Paraba, authorizeed the discountings. This is our positioning, differently of what innumerable paraibanos magistrates have understood, ahead of some processes that move in the Judiciary paraibano. Leaving of these consideraes, we will start to discourse concerning the employed methodology. As we know, the methodology is science that studies the methods used in the scientific research, that is, is the way that must be covered by the researcher in the intellectual production. Being thus, as procedure methods, we appeal to the use of the comparative degree.

In such a way, we search to demonstrate the diverse forms of responsibility, also in contracts, beyond bringing agreements of magistrates in relation to the case concrete, making comparisons between decisions favorable to the insuring company with divergent recitals, explaining the differences between these agreements, beyond bringing, also, favorable decisions and agreements to the related companies, explanando its divergences of recital and debating them on the basis of the doctrine and in the effective legal system. The method of boarding used in the research was the deductive one, breaking of the study of the doctrine and general specifications on the subject, arriving the specific conclusions ahead of the case presented concrete. Finally, the legal method of interpretation that we use was the sociological one, since we search to analyze the legal devices and applicable principles of right to the subject, object of the study, making critical to the interpretations given for the magistrates and its applications in the case concrete. The metodolgica source of this research was of qualitative nature, in the measure where we intend to approach a subject of extreme repercussion and social relevance, which is the contract of safe from life, that is obligator in institutions as the PMPB, had to the constant risks which its integrant ones are submitted.


4,1 TYPES OF RESEARCH Exist two basic criteria of Research of classification according to Vergara (2004), how much to the ways and how much to the ends, these if divide in other definitions. Our project how much to the ways of inquiry she is bibliographical, study of case, research of field and participant; how much to the ends it is exploratria and descriptive. We know that the half ones are which types of research resources that the project uses, and the ends are what the project intends in relation to the reality that it investigates. In definition of our research, how much to the ways we identify that it is bibliographical, therefore are developed on the basis of material published in books, magazines, periodicals and electronic nets being primary or secondary sources, is also a case study, therefore it has character of depth and detailing, is field research, therefore inquiry is carried through in the place where it occurs a phenomenon and it makes use of elements to explain it, it is participant, therefore the research is not depleted in the figure of the researcher takes part people implied in the problem under inquiry. How much to the ends it detaches to be exploratria, therefore if it carries through in an area where it has little accumulated knowledge, and is descriptive, therefore it displays the characteristics of the inquiry object. 4.1.1 Collection of data Exists many types of collection of data according to Roesch (2009, p.140): The main techniques of collection of data are the interview, the questionnaire, the tests and comment. Also it is possible to work with existing data in the form of archives, data base indices or reports. These are not ' ' criados' ' for the researcher and normally they are called of secondary data in contrast with the primary data that are harvested directly by the researcher.

New Businesses

2 Empreendedorismo in Brazil Tells Dolabela (1999), that the empreendedorismo this only starting, but the reached results already in education indicate that we are at the beginning of a quiet revolution. The author comments that the first course that if has the news in the area, appeared in 1981, the School of Business administration of the Getulio Foundation Vargas, So Paulo for initiative of the professor Ronald Degen and if called? New Businesses – he disciplines of the CEAG? Course of Specialization in Administration for Graduated. As Dolabela (1999), in 1984, the course was extended for graduation under the name of Creation of New Businesses? Formation of Entrepreneurs. Today, she is one of the obligator tracks to be covered for the pupils of the graduation. As Dolabela (1999), later the education of the empreendedorismo was inserted in the courses of mestrado, doutorado and MBA. According to author, the USP? University of So Paulo, started to offer the education of empreendedorismo in 1984, when Appeared Silvio professor Dos Santos introduced disciplines it – Creation of Companies in the Course of Graduation in Administration, in the College of Economy, Administration and Accounting of the University of So Paulo, FEA/USP. Dolabela (1999) still comments, that in the year of 1996, was a landmark in the area of education of the Empreendedorismo in Brazil.

When from 1997 one programs managed for *Softex* with the purpose to stimulate the exportation of Brazilian software, implants two projects. The Gnese of university incubation and *Softstant*, in the area of the empreendedorismo education, which had caused great impact in our university environment, exploring the area of computer science launching seeds in other fields of knowledge. The author affirms that beyond these results, twenty installed incubadoras of software, more than discipline the entrepreneur of computer science, implemented in one hundred institutions of education, and 120 bred companies. Dolabela (1999) standes out that the main contribution of these programs, and the ample dissemination of a new educational culture, that approaches research centers, companies, forces of the society in an only effort to form entrepreneurs.

Undertake Companies

INTRODUCTION Always if hears to speak of great businesses that had started of the night for the day, in a small structure in the proper house more comumente in its garages, companies whom in little time if become reference that with much easiness obtains to gain market, really have yes examples of success as of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, but, the same she did not enter in the branch by chance, it already brought a good luggage, therefore he was employee of the Atari and HP, valley to remember that the more net work you will have greater the possibility of if giving well, therefore a good net of relationship with contacts of customers and suppliers she is basic to alavancar its primordial business and to give to life it, many good ideas is wasted for being at the hands of wrong people or people who had not prepared themselves correctly to execute the same one, in the current days in way to as many possibilities are normal you to hear somebody speech that will open its proper business, but little common you are to hear somebody to affirm that she made a research on the area of performance of one determined segment or product and note that a lack for determined product or service has. In Brazil it is very common if to have the vision of that a business grows by itself, but to construct a success enterprise she is necessary of many factors, to have a failure is enough to lack one, I believe that all the businesses, need important and solid strategical points, the celebrities differentiate competitive, therefore thus the same one will only be able to be distinguished in the market, of the one not to find that you go to the same vender an equal product to the one of all the value and that you if will sobressair in the market, which the logic for this allegation? The car head a business to give certain is the information, is basic that the entrepreneur elaborates a business plan that is with all the information, that is, is essential planning.

Enterprise Hierarchy

Jose since its 15 years when boy started to work as Office dreamed in being head, was imagining as he would be to have innumerable things to make and to decide and as each decision he would cause a effect for the company. She still did not understand nothing of company only wise person who where she worked had some heads, clerical, section, I deposit financier and others, wise person also that she had inherited of the colleagues the incumbency to make the coffee of the afternoon was rule the novice made the coffee, was terrible because she had that to learn at any cost, when skirt bitter taste or candy was quarrel in the certainty and thought when book of this coffee will be head me! Passed six months of company Jose already bank wise person everything, payments knew the center of the city as nobody. The head of the office decided to contract another Office boy to help Jose, was the first time that it felt head still more because the other boy had 14 years and in everything it asked for its opinion beyond being now that he made the coffee. Jose studied accounting and left the service of the street, now was in office and had now another task to conciliate bank statements, as he was inexperienced in the section had that to look to old documents what they gave the biggest work it passed a time and if exempted of the service when another novice arrived. When if it formed in the college gained the attribution, to close the box of the company started to be in charge, also started to be important because he moved with the money of the company but as it was one of the new people in charge had whenever to make the weekly reports of the section, it was with this attribution during 10 years ties to be promoted the Head of the Division of Finances in this height already was married possua a house and a Fusca 1980 if he felt well I exactly obtain not to be for having that all second fair to have that to present the RDS- Report of Weekly Performance thing that if did not make when Its Moacir was head, thing invented for some consultant of planto and as it was new in the position it was with the incumbency, made the report per some years but other activities that appeared were given at that they arrived to the rank of inexperienced Heads. .

Strategical Planning

It was possible to identify that the Portions and Cia do not have Me to Ltda a planning that can assist it nas taken of decisions the main objective of this study is to present a process of strategical planning that if adqe the searched company. The strategical planning is the administrative proceeding that provides metodolgica sustentation to establish the best direction to be followed by the company, aiming at to the optimized degree of interaction with the environment and acting of innovative and differentiated form. With the use of the qualitative and exploratria research a bibliographical revision was carried through, that is, the theoretical beddings on the strategical planning, followed of elaboration of a half-structuralized interview to be applied next to the proprietors of the searched company. The results of the research show the strong and weak chances, threats, points in the internal and external environment of the company.

With the research it was possible to carry through an analysis of the environment that the company is inserted, thus providing to a suggestion of process of strategical planning for the Portions and Cia Ltda Me. INTRODUCTION In the universe of small, the average and great companies the existing difficulties are diverse, changing in accordance with its branch, size and positioning. This complex environment where the companies act, needs tools to assist in the taking of decisions. The strategical planning is one of the alternatives that the organizations can use to be distinguished in the market where the competition come definitive and well prepared, becoming a challenge if to keep and if to differentiate between them.

Marketing Edition

The propaganda is the presentation of the product to the public, in the TV, radio, billboard, divulging the product through microphones, also is a specific way of being to present an information, with the objective to serve an agenda. 2 – Not, because to take care of to the necessities and the desires of the consumer it is essential, the product, price, square and promotion, each one of these item is importantssimos in the process of Marketing, these item are that they go to take the company to the success and to make it the high level in the market. 3-Yes is very important, because through these research we will know who is and what it wants our customers, the customer is a very demanding consumer, each time more searching optimum for its consumption, always searching optimum product. Stakeholders? Stakeholder or, in Portuguese, interested person, mentions all to it the involved ones in a process, for example, customers, collaborators, investors, suppliers, community, etc. The process in question can be of temporary character (as a project) or lasting (as the business of a company or the mission of a non-profit organization). The success of any enterprise depends on the participation of its interested people and therefore it is necessary to assure that its expectations and necessities are known and considered by the administrators. In general way, these expectations involve satisfaction of necessities, financial compensation and ethical behavior.

An organization that it intends to have a steady and lasting existence must simultaneously take care of to the necessities of all its interested people. To make this it needs to generate value, that is, the application of the used resources must generate a bigger benefit of what its total cost. The term ‘ ‘ stakeholders’ ‘ it was created to assign to all the people or companies who, in some way, are influenced by the actions of a didactic Material organization of the Unopar, Book; Beddings of MARKETING. Digital library; MARKETING principles. Kotler, Philip and KELLER, Kevim. Administration of Marketing Edition. So Paulo: Prentince Hall, 2006 – Kotler, Philip and ARMSTRONG, Gary.

Small Companies Work

The innovative company offers products and services that are more useful to its customers, use more efficient processes of production, it is opened the new organizacionais methods, and, it is always renewing its strategy of marketing. At last, company who innovates is the one that always will be prepared to continue alive in the market. Inside of this context, as we will be able to inside promote the innovation of the micron and small Brazilian company? General objective To spread out this subject to the new administrators so that, when entering in the work market, either in public companies, private, or still in its proper business, they can always act of innovative form searching new forms to work and to produce thus its result either capable to satisfy the consumers and to transform the market with its services and products. Specific objective To reach the biggest number of entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs with the information contained in this work of research, being despertando the creativity and ousadia for the innovation of its company in relation to the services, products, processes, marketing, etc. With the end to continue moving the country and promoting the generation of jobs that the Micron and Small Companies have made until today. Methodology will be used an analytical research using excellent information of literatures, teses and materials that deal with the subject in question, for the enrichment of the work and a concise elaboration that promotes an agreement clearly and. Justification the micron and small companies are one of the main pillars of sustentation of the Brazilian economy, as much for its enormous generating capacity of jobs, how much for the significant number of disconcentrated establishments geographically. In statistical terms, this enterprise segment represents 25% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), generates 14 million jobs, that is, 60% of the formal job in the country, and constitutes 99% of the 6 million existing formal establishments, answering still for 99,8% of the companies who are created to each year, according to data of the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Pequenas Companies (SEBRAE).