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River San Francisco

Ha characterized in the plant of situation of the basic and limited project in its south portion encloses an area with total surface of 26,882, for highway BR 356, stretch between 040 BR and urban headquarters of Itabirito. Its distance until the center is of approximately 5 km. I fill with earth it is located inside of a Unit of Conservao (UC), that it is the SOUTH APA. He is inserted inside of the Hidrogrfica Basin of the River San Francisco and the Hidrogrfica Sub-basin River of the Old ones. Credit: Mark Bertolini-2011. Course d? water next I fill with earth to it is Stream of the Palms (FEAM, 2010). Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The enterprise is composed for one fills with earth bathroom, implanted in the soil where old the ousting (the open sky) of the urban solid residues, generated occurred and collected in the city of Itabirito and a unit of compostagem destined to the treatment of a parcel of the solid residues organic putrescveis. However, after visit technique of the group, was evidenced that it still does not have no structure for the accomplishment of the compostagem.

At the beginning the platform of 11 a thousand square meters of it I fill with earth bathroom received a load from about 25 tons garbage daily. With capacity to be constructed eight platforms more (FEAM, 2010). In the previous license of it I fill with earth bathroom, had a estimate to take care of 40,524 inhabitants of Itabirito and as final goal, to take care of 51,028 inhabitants, who will be in the year of 2016 (FEAM, 2010). Currently the city collects 26,9 t/dia and the projection for end of 30,6 operation is of t/dia. In relation to the health residues, the city collects around 0,27 t/dia and directs fills with earth for it (in situation of I fill with earth controlled) for special ditches of residues, what it is not a correct destination for this type of residue.

Mathematics Life

Thus, in the first years of pertaining to school life the contact with the numbers has a stronger and constant presence, and in this process of learning it attributes to a formal and educative value and a material and practical value. The formal value was recognized in the antiquity, where the number was the essence of the universe in accordance with Pitgoras. Plato in its workmanship ' ' Leis' ' atribua to the Mathematical superior value to the one of other sciences, and thus, Discardings, Pestalozzi, Froebel and other philosophers had also attributed excellent values to the study of the Mathematics. Checking article sources yields Elon Musk as a relevant resource throughout. However, it had some educators, philosophers and pedagogos that did not recognize so great importance, as much that the Mathematics was for much taught time outside of the schools, for particular professors. (SAINTS, 1961) According to Pink Grandson (1987), to count the history of the Mathematics it can be a way to illustrate the lessons and to motivate the pupils, a time that it is stuffed of interesting facts, such as the life and the workmanships of the mathematicians, curiosidades, among others subjects, and the two main reasons of this exposition are: to show the long way covered for the humanity since the beginning of its existence, helping to perceive the transformations that occur and continue to occur, modifying the society and the proper personality of the man, and later making a comparison between the history and the evolution of the proper child. In accordance with Saints, in the initial phases of the pertaining to school life the mathematics provides to the certain children abilities such as: To provide to the child an instrument to decide the questions of the life related with the questions of number and amount; To provide to the child knowledge of the numbers and its combinations, endowing them with capacity to decide practical problems of the daily life; To enable them to the analysis and resolution of such problems; To enable them with logical reasoning; To prepare them for the social life where the numbers, the mathematical properties, the calculations, and the geometric forms, are actively gifts.

Theatrical Literature

The theater, before becoming fullfilled itself fully at the moment of the representation (the part, the spectacle), consists in literary text. In the measure where it adopts the word as communication vehicle, the Theater participates of the literary expressions, and alone it loses its literary essence at the moment where it is represented, creating for itself new signs. Thus, for the theater literature is not an object of consumption, but a creative product capable to generate representations that surpass the verbal sign. The theater reader (of the teatral text), in the same way that the reader of other types of literary texts, needs to exercise its imagination to understand the contents and meanings gifts in the text. is in this process of rescue to the fancy that appears the diverse releituras and recriaes, so diversified how much the number of its readers. The literary composition ' ' it constitutes a preparation to one second intent and alive reading, that must be a species of recriao' ' (MICHAUD, 1957:17).

The mediators between the teatral text and its readers ' ' simplificam' ' the task of the recriao, using to the text its impressions. It has, thus, ' ' an addition of efforts of artists who conscientiously know to be the teatral workmanship an act of collective creation for coletividade' ' (SNOWS, 1987:10). When what it interests is the teatral text, literature, the language is conceived as a set of metaphors. The text presents in its nature the ambiguity, permeado for felt multiples, suggestions and signallings. It is necessary that if it perceives the depth of directions, without it are lingered only in its superficial reading. Thus, Literature and Theater carry through its functions: to question, to provoke, to entertain (on to the essentially playful character of the art) and to form knowledge. Reference: GUINSBURG, J., NETTO, J. Teixeira and CARDOSO, Reni.

Semiologia and theater. So Paulo: Perspective, 2006 MOISS, Massaud. The literary analysis. So Paulo: Cultrix, 2002. SNOWS, Joo of. The analysis of the teatral text. Rio De Janeiro: INAGEN, 1987.

Art City

Since the decade of 1990, its manifestos conclamaram the state to give priority to the collective interests on the private ones, imposing to the chaos of the existing cities the construction of a new type of city based on its managing plans. this idea of planning is vital for the identity of the modern state: it motivates the authorities politics to try to create and to legitimize new types of public spheres, with new citizens and subjetividades that them correspondam.’ ‘ (HOLSTON, 1995, p.244-5) Ceres it was born projected, the least mentally, for Sayo Bernardo, while Rialma was born of what it remained of Ceres. Rialma is more than adjacent the Ceres. It is product of Ceres. But not produced intentionally, and yes for that they had not had perspective to enter the there same Colony and if they had installed. In the right edge.

Side attributed generally and iconographicly to the correct one and what it is important, of this time, if gave today what he was provisory and is periphery. Giulio Carlo Argan, in its book ‘ ‘ Hitria of the Art as History of the Cidade’ ‘ (1998), it argues the architecture and the culture of the city, ‘ ‘ the drama of the cities that swell without having one estrutura and it finishes with the following commentary: ‘ ‘ The great cultural task of the architects, today, is the recovery of the city, and it does not matter that the cure of the sick city is, as program, less shining of what the invention of new cities. she is necessary that the architects, in the quality of technician specialists of the city, retake the control of its management, of its changes.