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To see it, the difference is abysmal. Everything despite the fact that Government get tired in spend on subliminal propaganda that we are in the best of all worlds, with the decline of poverty, which is not true, because it uses social programs as a make-up artist for the statistical figures.But returning to the police strike. The brothers defenders and also mercenaries, since rented their strength at the bourgeois state by a simple tip that does not reach to meet your needs. This already has been unknown by the State since the time of the corporatist fascism of Velasco which with its reformism could not pave the internal contradictions that lived in these countries society (I refer to countries, do so because they exist in the territory of what many know as Peru the existence of several Nations. Each with its own tradition of culture, organization and social reference: the Aymaras, quechuas, Los Wampis, the Awajun, mestizos, Creoles, etc.) And in part by that organization of the police forces, especially middle managers, are of descent from Nations that don’t wield political power in this territory they occupy and which is held by a minority composed of Creoles and their mentors, some Metis outcasts. As we come from a tradition of organization of their respective communities, have withstood the more shameful humiliation by their same controls, which are the Creole nation. They have been quiet since the formation of the Republic Creole that dominates the rest of Nations. But to leave them by adjusting the economic aspect and the Government to go propagandizando, as well that we are. We are in the best of worlds, that to which we are going to migrate. If here this opportunity out of poverty, and they changed their luck to compare, that the only ones are the generals and warlords with carnet aprista. Would be a weak mental for not realizing what is happening in our Nations in this territory. I presume that may have very strong effects this police strike looming, if it is done. What work or work in the Government of offenders Alberto Kenya Fujimori as part of the war of the fourth generation, in which bullets are replaced by the war capture the minds and subject them to the fear, the fear of protest, the fear of feeling a claim. I believe that it is essential that police enforce respect for their dignity and also make you feel this Government of right-wing and fascist that time was him this ending and their goodies too, waiting presumably what they want for us.Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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