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What documents are needed for shipping to Russia? Registration certificate, invoice and right? Let's face it. Transportation of goods, like any transaction, must have documented proof. The list of necessary documents include: Documents driver, vehicle documents and documents for the goods. They needed everything: the customer – for accounting, and the driver – for reporting, and state regulatory authorities – For checks. Basic rules of cargo transportation are determined by the Civil Code, Chapter 40, which is called – "Transportation." Acting as determined by the freight forwarder Chapter 41 of the Civil Code – "freight forwarding". Form of mandatory documents described by the laws and regulations of the Government of Russia. What documents must be registered before you send the goods to another city in Russia? Delivery goods is feasible only if there is a proper list of documents. To the list of required documents include driver's license. If a driver transporting dangerous goods to be transported to special permit (license), he should be in possession of a document (certificate of admission, the license card). If the driver delivers oversized or especially heavy loads, it must have special permit to transport themselves. In addition, we need a special permit, which is registered in the traffic police. If the driver does not own a car, he must have authorization from the owner of the car on driving. Not bad, if the driver will have a copy of employment contract – by which he can prove that he is really an employee and not an entrepreneur, a leading illegal activity without registration. Forwarder and one must be in possession of such a contract. Through the delivery of the goods must have the documents for the vehicle. The list of documents includes the registration Documents – Title, pass on passing inspection, the insurance policy. Also, every flight in the driver should carry a waybill. This paper draws the consignor (if self-transportation) or accounting transport company. Track list – one of the leading transport documents, which allows to track and control the driver and vehicle. Connect with other leaders such as Brian Krzanich here. It is issued for each car, for a period not exceeding one month, with precise indication of the validity period. Waybill contains virtually all information about the run, and about the car, and the driver. Required document for all types of cargo a waybill. Filled it in four copies, and confirms that the transaction has taken place, and goods from the seller the buyer received them. Waybill is divided into two sections – the commercial and transport. The transport section describes the bill relationship between the sender and the carrier of the goods. If the buyer takes the goods yourself from the seller and delivery of cargo carried by it then, prepare bill of lading should not be. In this case, used a simple waybill for the sale of goods clearance outside organization. In some cases, the goods will also need to draw up documents. For example, the transport of animals must be carried veterinary certificate and quarantine certificates. The presence of well-formed documents is important in any case, cases: Do you ship the goods themselves or for you it makes a transport company. We remind you, as well that do not have outstanding fines before leaving – this may cause a delay in moving the vehicle.

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You probably do not often heard at the gas station proposal from the operators to refuel an improved brand of fuel, such as Mustang, Vip-power, Euro, EKTO, Euro diesel, etc., depending on the brand names of super brands of the same. You are told that though more expensive, for a much higher quality and more efficient this type of fuel, brochures and show a certificate confirming truth of words. And so, these diesel fuels are certified and have improved performance as opposed to conventional grades of fuel. But another question, are you sure that your tank is filled with this kind of fuel? Not will be the same every time you go to the examination to confirm this? There is a suspicious car owners who simply abandon these brands of fuel and in some ways they are right, because in four cases out of ten you get conventional gasoline or diesel instead of super high-quality, cost of fuel! Not claim that it happens at all stations, but unfortunately there are many. For even more analysis, hear from Brian Krzanich. Typically, blame for this directly head of a Petrol station or regional leadership. In the first case, the chief sells through its fuel stations, rather, a certain amount, giving it a brand mark, taking into his own pocket the difference (I hope You understand that by good volumes, the difference is decent). The question arises from the people who have had experience with work stations professionally, as it bypasses the control of the counters? Interesting question about it will be discussed slightly lower. .

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Kharkov car portal – it is a project created by design studio FDS. We are building for the residents of our city a convenient information environment, which allows you to quickly find information. It is obvious that we really make the Internet more useful. This project was created to bring together all the information fields into a single infrastructure, the automobile market of the city of Kharkiv. The portal is a focused and thematic solely on the target audience – Kharkov motorists. The undoubted advantage of this portal is conveniently organized by search engine, using which the visitor can easily find it necessary information by setting parameters of interest. Also here are the full information useful for any motorist: car wash, car insurance, banking services, private ads for sale / used cars and spare parts driving schools, as well as new services have appeared on the automotive market Kharkov. With auto-Kharkov portal you can gather a lot of useful information, as well as to create favorable conditions for its business, which is associated with any of the auto sectors. Within the portal you can find the latest news as auto world and society in general, to participate in the discussion avtovoprosov on the forum, post your ad for free, to find the necessary links and contacts. Also at the auto-site it is possible to place their advertising banners on the site. In our work we have eliminated the error of such projects, ie made only portal to regional and formed the integrity of the entire car market Kharkiv on one portal.

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