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Children often process their fear by they relive the fear situation over and over again. Again and again they want to again experienced the experienced and vary with the possible outcome. The repeated reliving of the events triggering fear can take quite different forms. The kids are so creative that they switch roles just to get into a different emotional state. So I can remind me of a 7-year old boy, who was with me in therapy. He had to undergo surgery because of a phimosis, foreskin narrowing, which made to create him, in the hospital. To the next therapy session, he walked in the door and immediately announced me that we play today hospital, he was attending today and I don’t ever lie on the bed and make me free will (pretend as though of course). He sawed me in the game head on, the kneecap took me out, me the belly cut open and never ceased to operate on me. I had to keeping closed the eyes on his order. He did this with such vehemence that I me he had to, ensure that it actually retains the symbolic acts. I then called for help, wanted the Chief comes, it reflected how powerless I feel helpless, showed him my fear and cried, he should stop now but please. I called him mercy, grace, and the physician had no ear for my concern and just continued. He wanted to not answer just my entreaties and supplications. Eventually I fell asleep then exhausted after surgery in the role-playing game. It was interesting to see how did Florian through the creative role change, even in the situation of the mighty physician who has even no sense of his young patients and like him in the role of the patient invited me, who plays him, what about feelings is when you get into such a situation.

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A saw mill near to be put back into operation to produce fabrics. Before my last replacement, I was with used a machine gun to support an attack on our right section of the regiment. The enemy trench, which is about 30 yards from us, is bombed by our two field guns from the flank for a while. In addition, pioneers in 2 places have undermined the enemy trench. Still 1 hour before the demolition exchanged friend and foe by throwing over of cigarette packs, cigars and cigarettes out. “Merci comrade” the French call over for such exchange business to us. Our pioneers make the explosions at the appointed time. Moshe victor keinig brings even more insight to the discussion. This is the prelude to the attack for our infantry. Succeeds only on the right wing, reaching the enemy trench, and left the line under heavy losses must be withdrawn. By a train, only 9 men come back, are all other dead or wounded between the positions and can not be recovered. All night attempts are made to bring in the people, unfortunately this succeeds only in part and again at a loss. The poor fellow have the half Night shouted and again by the shooting nor wounded times have been. Official site: Barclays. Morning we have heard still a faint whimper, probably went to the end of most. Despite the shame of our unfortunate comrades, one sang a song in the French trenches. So a rawness. The right wing was now hanging in the air and was separated from the French only by a sandbag wall. A fierce hand grenade battle raged mainly at night at this point, that as quickly as possible a new trench of prevention needs to be vorsappiert. This takes a few days until the position is once again going through. (36) on the French hand grenades, old wire pens and other pieces of iron wire are bound to to increase the effectiveness.

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