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Chapter a With women than women are. The gentlemen must not ever offer the hand of a woman especially if it is an elderly woman or a married woman wear a veil. Physical contact with men is forbidden by tradition so we must wait and see if she is not reaching out. Among women, however there is no problem, two kisses on the presentations and a kiss on the cheek followed by an infinite number (four, five, sietea ) on the left if it has a higher confidence or affection. a In the table if an / a Moroccan invites us for lunch or tea can accept quiet / as it does in heart and in no time you move the commitment or hypocrisy. The inhabitants of Morocco enjoy sharing how much or how little they have and are extremely boring to eat alone / as. Upon entering the house barefoot and we are allowed to eat with their hands if they have been washed before. It is normal to share the same glass with several people and belching after dessert is not as common as the myth but can be considered quite normal. a Talking to avoid Some say it is best to avoid topics of conversation: the monarchy, the independence of the Sahara, homosexuality and religion. It is true that there are issues that the / Moroccans are particularly sensitive as it is also true that if someone asks them with respect are always open to say what they think. In any case respect the protocol of a country does not walk in fear if not walk with care and respect for it. a We hope these little tips will help protocol further enjoy an excellent holiday in Marrakech, a city with fascinating culture and traditions, monuments and countless attractions, great nightlife, delicious cuisine and countless opportunities to go shopping. In addition, a high quality and very cheap, especially the typical, charming and very affordable. They can also stay in a great rakech, closer to the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the people welcome you with open arms.

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Machinery continues to run in lean periods, the first thing is not to give up and find different solutions that will enable us to continue afloat while lasts the tide. The options are different and there are for all tastes, but it must know how to choose which suits us to us. Whether we are young as if we are no longer so much, always have time to form us. It is never late to learn languages or make attractive courses since, apart from open alternatives to the working world, it gives you an extra distraction and new knowledge. Despite this, one of the most demanded alternatives currently are professional training courses. Not only they give practical skills to be productive in a trade, but they also give the possibility to carry out professional practices in different companies. That is why it is a good solution for young people who don’t want to do higher studies, or for those who want to move from professional scope and form into something completely different. Today there are many schools and training centres that they teach this kind of formations, all official and regulated by the Ministry of education. It is worthwhile, however, to find out whether there are any specificity in each of the autonomous communities. Another good option is to start a business. There are currently many initiatives and centres supporting to enterprising individuals. Often, an idea simple but well organized, can emerge a prosperous and attractive work. It is only a matter of wanting it and find the necessary funding. It is essential to increase creativity and work hard on the idea to get an attractive project. In short, despite the problems that brought us this crisis, yet there are alternatives. It is our duty explore them all and make that best fits our situation, trying not wane in the intent. It depends on us lift the country because, as we have seen, the welfare State not always worry about our survival. Source: Press release sent by MRovira.

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