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The most important activity in any company is to conduct and support of accounting clients, which is an important element in attracting new and maintaining existing customers, as well as in the general development of modern organization. Well thought out and well-organized records will allow you customers to use customer data to create marketing programs and campaigns. A software tool that provides the functions of storage and data processing, will become your loyal assistant when choosing the best customers in the context of ongoing marketing activities. Everyone has heard that the inclusion of customers required to conduct the programs, however, not all are aware of advantages of their use. And information gathering only the simplest of tasks into account customers. To determine the information needs of the customer must answer several questions. The first of these questions – what information can be useful for the account of clients, and what is not. The answer is quite simple – any information on the operations of the client, which could be used in the future, should go through the program of accounting clients. Such information may include name, surname and patronymic of the customer, address, passport details. In addition to a full account of clients important information on the date of the last operation on the client (whether for sale or services), the total number of customer transactions and the total revenue on it, the product groups and areas of your company that are of interest to the client and others. Can you say for sure whether a particular client and Today your customers? Can you identify a bona fide customer, or are at risk? And if you can calculate the average annual increase customers for your company? Yes! – For a rapid response to all these and many other issues and use accounting software customers. Your company does not have to be a huge corporation to enjoy all the benefits of implementing accounting clients in the organization. Even individual entrepreneur is able to get the incredible benefits through the use of accounting software customers and learning to work with it in the context of the concepts of strategic marketing. If you are a representative of small business, you belong to one of the basic categories: accounting clients you have not been realized, in principle, you have accounting software customers, but you do not even use its basic functions, you have all the necessary software software. Average score mid-sized companies that fall under the third category – less than 10%. Approximately 60% fall in the second group. Others – in the third. If you need advice on accounting customers to contact our specialists and we are happy to answer all your questions!

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