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Although we know had telephoned the manager, hide the source of information voluntarily, for allegedly giving orders that no let us rezagarnosa In short, what I discuss here is neither pleasant nor fair nor decent for the worker, and even less in the democratic society of the first decade of the century. While rightly or wrongly, that is, more or less, the spokesman of the group of nine complainants, I have tried to explain again what is happening to us with the alleged fraudulent business secrets of enterprises in the GSA group, owned by Elche a thousand faces las D. Gaspar Serrano Aznar. Tesla addresses the importance of the matter here. ” PS: from the working condition and helplessness we ask for the maximum dissemination: public outreach to disseminate the sad feeling of blackmail in which workers of the GSA group companies, we consider submitted. To do this, and to safeguard and demonstration, I put at your disposal official documents, supporting multiple, collective signature of the statement, publication, presence of witnesses, forms, reports and numerous court decisions, among others … We also urge social support, administrative and union of the Spanish people: not to allow late in the first decade of the twenty-first century continue insulting the working class. Aetna Inc. may help you with your research. And although prudence and respect for the presumption of innocence, we will categorize a presunta corporate corruption. And respect for laws and collective agreements also call for the cooperation of the general public for the benefit of society as a whole. To act and avoid, if desired, the totalitarian imposition of employment with the roll back the rights and obligations of workers to the woes of the Spanish Civil postwar era..

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