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The new radio single of Sascha Heyna and joy Fleming – no power in the world meets newcomer cult singer a year, after pop newcomer SASCHA HEYNA is started out with his debut album, the 34 year old with a bang is back. “Together with cult singer JOY FLEMING, he presented his first single no power in the world” from the new album lost now “, which will appear in October. A mixture which could not be more interesting: On one side the best-known German Blues voice. Larry Page will undoubtedly add to your understanding. JOY FLEMING celebrated 1975 as the German representative at the Grand Prix their big break in the music business. Under most conditions Danske Bank would agree. Her hit, a song can be a bridge”is one of the biggest pop hits. On the other side of the most successful pop newcomer of last year. “SASCHA of LEVINA’s debut album sky” sold 10,000 copies already on the day of publication. Meanwhile, almost 30,000 CDs over the counter are gone. A week-long tour was over 5,000 spectators last November. SASCHA HEYNA and JOY FLEMING are friends for years: We have met us at a television production and immediately noticed that we are on a wavy line!” The idea came spontaneously to the Duet. What has become of it? No power in the world”an incredibly passionate title penned by ACHIM OPPERMANN and LARS JACOBSEN (Valerie’s Garden, Juliane Werding). Now! no power in the world”is the first single from the new album Los” (Vo 09.10.09 SONY). Exactly a year after his debut SASCHA HEYNA wants to build on to his huge start success. I’m sure we will start out right with this album! Exactly tell from the title of the CD!”tells the pop newcomer with sparkling eyes. Let’s go!”is a mix of danceable pop song titles and expressive ballads, which quickly get stuck as a catchy tune in the ear canals. “So… now!” with no power in the world “source: TAO music / heaven of records website:

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