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I think few readers are familiar with eSports, but he, nevertheless, is alive and well. Roughly speaking, this competition in computer games such as QuakeLive, Counter-Strike, StarCraft 2, FIFA, WarCraft 3 and many others. Well, we can assume that all You know these, and perhaps even played. The important fact is that e-sports needs long, sometimes 12-hour workout. Players exactly pace yourself, play at night, and such game sessions are not harmful only for the eyes, but for the whole body. However, 'kibersportsmeny' – is not synonymous with the words' wimps', 'four-eyes "or any other. Most visited fitness, in general, take care of themselves. This has become especially important recently, as physical condition also affects the game, and understands that every veteran player. Oh, yes, money, money is an important factor for all of us, but as this is the case in computer competitions? Quite well. On time of this writing are the finals of the European tournament, with a total prize fund of 50 000 $ for a single discipline. Despite the fact that the championship is a qualifying finals for the world, money is very good. This, however, not has nothing to do with the really rich 'golden' years – the beginning of the 2000s. What is so special commemorative championship Painkiller, where first prize was given to one player 111, 000 $. Or world finals The CPL, where the winner takes the 150, 000 USD, second place – 100 $ 000, a third – 50, 000 $. This adds motivation is not weak, so while our players have slowly beaten out the light. Among the most successful Russian players in Quake can be identified by Anton Cooller Singova, who from 2002 to 2010, earned 200, 000 $ + salary. Organization of the paragraph above, I spoke the word 'salary'. Despite the financial crisis, when some felt distinctly eSports 'drought' in prize money and sponsors, the situation returned to normal and stabilized. The Company's production of the periphery (Razer, SteelSeries, Koss, Roccat), large companies (Intel, AMD), companies that sell game servers, and many, many others are interested in advertising in our brand, because of what always distinguished the different commands good budget. Some teams can pay up to 1-2 thousand dollars. Main place of eSports South Korea – the so-called Mecca of computer competition, because there is incredibly popular StarCraft 2 (until recently, was first version of the popular game). She was the subject of several television channels, which often twist the strongest players in matches. In this country, always with the championship prize in size 70, 000 $ here are the richest organization. Jaedong, for example, in 2009, was approximately 170, 000 $ salaries. At this point I say goodbye to the dear readers, see you later.

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Reason 2: The availability of games. On the PC games are available at times. Cause which directly follows from the previous one, to the article. Have you ever thought why the same game for the PC costs $ 15 and $ 70 for consoles? Just do not say that on consoles, "only the best game" for the frequent ported game is absolutely not how it is differ from the original. us the story. Then what's the secret? – But do not have any secret, read the paragraph "Issue 1", read? – And now you little math problem: We have made the game, spent $ 1,000 on it, we want to get from its sales in whole $ 5,000 that would cover costs and profits obtained. We have two sales market, we manufacture products for every $ 2,500 that would be a bag are his work with both to get your 5000. But here's a little problem in one market we have 100 customers and the other 1000. What we do? – The right to raise the price of a single market in such a way that would be if all 100 people bought our game, we got their 2500.V while the market price of 1,000 customers remain low. The result is one of the market price – 2.5 for another 25. Everything is simple and no "best games" which are so fond of telling the developers console. And if the game on the PC market in general does not exceed the price for the consoles could rise by several percent, it's simple – laws of the market, nothing more. Reason 3: You know what a change of generations of consoles (the SEC)? I think most know.

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