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Tag: construction life Combustion Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis (gas generators) boilers in the Russian market – is nothing new. The consumer is already familiar with this name. His (the consumer) is not surprising that the gasification boilers are usually 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than traditional solid, because of their work time on one load of times greater than the time of the wood and coal-fired boilers. And that, ultimately, may be more important to consumers than the time of the boiler? Who wants to wake up middle of the night from the cold and his teeth chattering, escape into the boiler room to throw wood into the insatiable maw? Why, gasification boilers can run on a single batch of fuel per day and even longer? Of course, while their work may measured in a wide range depending on many factors, namely, the temperature outside, the required room temperature, the degree of warming houses, type and fuel moisture, but also on how well designed and installed heating system. But one thing is certain – gasification boilers significantly more efficient than traditional. Why is that? First, the burning of wood, especially moist, it is impossible to achieve such high temperature as the combustion gas produced from them. Second, the combustion gas to less secondary air for combustion than wood, allowing higher combustion temperature and, hence, efficiency and burning time. Third, the process of combustion of pyrolysis gas is easier to manage, so the work of the boiler gas generator to automate virtually the same as natural gas or fuel oil.

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