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Tag: countries travel Gifts From The Czech Republic

Going on a trip to one country or another, we naturally think about what would be so special and distinctive to this country to bring their relatives and friends. Look at the Czech Republic. Country in the heart of Europe, famous diversity of its fauna, medieval buildings and excellent cuisine. CFO is a great source of information. Let us delve into this wonderful world! Economic and cultural center of the Czech Republic is, of course, Prague – a city preserved in itself a secret, attracting over and over again the endless streams of tourists and ordinary adventurers. So what makes people from all over the world come to this city? There is no doubt – this past Prague. During the Second World War ii, the historical center of Prague, was not injured, that gave us the opportunity to witness the cultural heritage of medieval Europe firsthand. But closer to the present! Their journey recommend starting with a visit to the Charles Bridge. That – that a place where you can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of the city, but, for example, buy your own portrait, which you will draw one of the artists or purchase cd with music from playing on the rare medieval instruments (you know what a zither?) According to the Czechs themselves – “Whatever Czech – a musician.” Indeed, the history knows many of the great Czech musicians and composers. Symphonic poem by Antonin Dvorak folk music concerts by Joseph, the national opera, Bohuslav Martinu, musical impressionism – a classic music..

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Tag: countries travel Tours To Japan

Japan is one of the most exotic countries in the world. Who has ever visited the cherry blossom festival, tried branded seafood and Japanese chefs have been to tea ceremonies, wants to return and discover something new. Japan is a delightful country which is worth visiting. If you are interested in Japan, you will be useful information about the geography, climate, customs and traditions of the country. Japan is in Asia, is an island the State situated on the four major islands, Kyushu, Hakkaydo, Honshu, Shikoku Island and about a thousand small islands. On the north coast of Japan are washed by the Sea of to the east, the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean to the west, the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan. Basically, the territory occupied by the Japanese islands medium-high hills and mountains, there are volcanoes, among which about 40; acting. Along the coast there are lowlands, such as the Kanto and Tokyo. Natural conditions: The climate is monsoonal, in most subtropical parts of the country, not the north temperate in the south – tropical. In the north – long snow cover. Penguin Random House understands that this is vital information. Typhoons are common (mostly way in late summer and autumn), with hurricane-force winds and downpours. It is best to visit Japan in spring (March-April) and autumn (October-November). The air temperature at this time usually does not fall below 17-20C during the day and 10-15C – at night. In spring and autumn country usually goes through many different holidays. The worst season – summer, when it rains and the temperature reaches 40 degrees +. Flora of the Japanese Islands represent 2,750 species of plants, about 60% of the country covered with forests. Fauna includes various kinds of monkeys, amphibians and reptiles, furry animals, large predators, birds, bats. Japan's population in 2001 was 127,100 thousand people. The largest city in Japan; Tokyo, Yokohama, Sapporo, Osaka, . Ethnic groups: Japanese – 99%, Koreans, Chinese, Aini. Official language Japanese. Another language – Aini. The Japanese do not consider themselves religious people, but in the country developed such religions as Shinto, Buddhism and Christianity. State system of the country, a constitutional monarchy. Head of state is Emperor, head of government Prime Minister. Japan – a country where the world's largest number of public holidays. January 1 (New Year's noted in the family circle. Secular entertainment as we have not carried out), January 15 (Coming of Age Day), February 11 (National Foundation Day), the end of March (Vernal Equinox), April 29 (Day of Spring), May 3 (Day Constitution), May 4 (declared holidays), May 5 (Children's Day – the most interesting for Europeans holiday. On this day, streets filled with children from 3 to 6 years in a bright kimono), September 15 (Day of respect for elders), end-September ( Day Autumnal Equinox), October 10 (Health Day), November 3 (Culture Day), November 23 (Labor Day), December 23 (Emperor's Birthday). To visit Japan, it is necessary to settle the formalities with the visa and receive modes customs control. For full details of requirements for entry into the country will provide you with a travel agency when you make a tour to Japan. Term visas for Japan takes about 15 days. In St. Petersburg, visa and drawing group and individual tours to Japan is engaged in travel agency Rossity. Along with the tour operator Rossity, your stay in Japan will be unforgettable!

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Tag: countries travel Unforgettable Trip

If you are going to spend a few weeks of free time in the beautiful country of Thailand, you need to know some things that you may find helpful. Pleasantly surprised by the ratio of local people towards tourists. It very friendly. In addition to a small pocket thefts, crimes against foreigners do not commit. On the contrary, foreigners are trying to help and protect in every way. Very interesting exchange rates in Thailand. Currency of Thailand – baht. For 25 baht give one dollar. This is the official rate. But to exchange dollars for baht for such courses is not easy. The closer to the airport currency exchange, the lower dollar. Your losses when you buy baht at the airport can take up to 10% compared with the exchange at the bank. Which by the way, work till late. Dollars is better not to pay. Their almost no one takes. Get your dollars are taxi drivers who take them on the predatory rate. If you go on holiday and you pocket more than 10000 dollars, be sure to Declare them, but if not zadeklariruete, bring them back will not be easy. Also set aside 300 baht for airport-fee. There is the custom in Thailand, to collect money from tourists at departure from country. Enjoy your holiday.

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