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Mermaids. Myths of nations of the world and the legends of mermaids. The name 'mermaid' (in the myths of the Slavic peoples) comes from the word 'fair', which means in Old Slavonic 'light', 'clean'. Mermaids – creature in Slavic mythology, usually malware that turn the dead girl, unbaptized children. Typically, a mermaid act as hostile to human characters, as embody aspects connected with the danger of water sources – rivers, lakes and flows. Sometimes mermaids are depicted with fish tails, which gives the corresponding (linked to sexuality), the added value of their image. However, the idea of the appearance of the nymphs varied. In some places (West Polesie, Ukraine) believe that the mermaid look like young beautiful girls, naked or dressed in white, that they appear in the same form in which they were buried, that is, in a smart attire, with her hair and a wreath on his head (this is according to local custom trick out of the dead girls, like arranging a wedding for them the symbolic funeral in time). Other (Pinsk Polesie, Belarus Central) mermaids are presented as scary, ugly, shaggy women with breast hanging down, which they threw over his shoulders. According to other beliefs is that mermaids do not cause any harm and can only scare people or make fun of him. In Greek and Roman mythology, featured a variety of water creatures and deities: the god of the seas Poseidon (Neptune), his son, Triton, Nereid sea nymph daughters of Nereus, the god of the calm sea, river naiads (nymphs), and finally okeanidy, daughter of the god of water elements of the Ocean.

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