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From the moment a client arrives at a restaurant, you should be seen as an important guest at your home. It is the way you achieve excellence in service. Customers are looking for a satisfaction in every way, taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell. Thus, in addition to thinking in an excellent Chef, you must provide a pleasant stay, with style and good taste, attention must be very refined, they are some of the characteristics that must provide a first-rate restaurant. A customer notes many details and factors that determine your satisfaction, such as food, beverages, care and facilities. It is a set of factors, which are not limited to the quality and taste of the food. They are factors that determine the quality and stand out against other restaurants. The customer satisfaction is the main objective, the reason for its operation, quality factors to be applied to all procedures, complying to provide: A good provider: natural, fresh foods are essential in a good food, since it is the first condition to achieve an excellent dish. This care must go from the same process of cultivation, fertilizer, pest control, harvesting, storage and transport to the restaurant. A suitable procedure in obtaining inputs, is reflected in the quality of the flavor and the eye-catching look of the dish. Meat and fish: the supplier of meats and seafood must meet the standards of preservation and wholesome conditions laid down by the standards of quality. Provision of storage: of equal importance, the storage should the same care that inputs have had so far. Poor management, can impair investment in inputs. To do this, many rules about the preservation and optimum care of raw food are arranged. Manipulation should be part of the process of excellence. The Chef must be guarantor of the proper storage, processing and handling, since this is part of his profession and therefore this under his responsibility. You can also choose, guide fee and address the preparation of food, for best results. A delicious and exquisite dish on the palate, must be accompanied by a good wine, chosen by the customer. It must be provided to the customer, good possibilities of where to choose a wide selection of wines. A restaurant should be supported in an elegant, sober image and with a defined style. So, it is duty of the Administration, be sure to count with a good advice, to give good service snap-in. Particularities such as lighting, the distribution of space, decoration and the presence, make it an essential part of the service. Details should not be neglected as the aesthetics of hygiene, parking and access to the lounge areas, everything is part of the good image. It must take into account the elegance, delicacy, a deal with courtesy and refinement in the treatment to the customer, are rules that apply for the good care. A restaurant, not simply food preparation. A restaurant must also distinguish by its excellent seasoning, great attention, distinction and taste in the lounge and an attentive staff to satisfy the customer. In the capital of Colombia, you can search them by checking Google restaurants Bogota; You will find all styles. And if you want a good companion, choose a good craft beer, which exist for all tastes in this capital

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