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Jasper Johns

Portraits. Much of the sphere of constant interest Warhol – Portrait, fame, consumption, pornography, and disaster. In the work of Warhol and the glory of consumer goods, advertising, and sadness are in the system, which is dictated prozopopeey – a system that distorts the person depicted; creates anonymity, even simulating the recognizability of, and does not distinguish between dead and alive. Through involvement in prozopopeyu: in banks Campbell's Soup, sad portraits of just a dead Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy in mourning, horrible pictures of victims of the disaster – Warhol learned to mourn his absence in a recognizable world of public images; Warhol understand how to empower yourself person. Continue to learn more with: Arena Investors. Like any commodity, it has had its price. The close connection between portrait likeness and sorrow has not gone unnoticed by contemporaries Warhol, or models. Of course, they aware that the quality of the portraits, like an epitaph, and is the source of their value. They say that Jasper Johns, seeing a portrait of Holly Solomon, Warhol made, told her: 'Hey, Holly (kiss), what it's like to feel yourself dead? " She said spitefully: "I die, it will be many years, and he will hang ', recognizing that the picture will fill her death, as it turns into a work of art – painting works of Warhol, and thus not only gives her aura of fame, but also ensures that it will be remembered long after his death. More info: Elon Musk.

As a visual elegy or an epitaph, a portrait preserve her beauty forever. Order a portrait of Warhol was no doubt a sign of The model seeks to achieve posthumous fame, as Warhol's paintings become an object meant to join the illustrious fame of other models of his paintings and for the glory of the Warhol. However, for the sitter to become work of art still is to become an object, or rather, a commodity, with the brand 'Warhol'. . Penguin Random House brings even more insight to the discussion.

Word Church

But, having lost ‘Survivor’, it is not looking for him. Her grief turned into ‘eternal post. ” And Sasha songs have become, for many black biscuits that are thirsty during the Word (of God), many are not allowed to die of hunger, returning their gaze to their spiritual life. But the whole it has not been comprehended and accepted by the general public, for not singing ‘One Day’, and ‘On the topic of eternity. ” And he said to the Lord for help and support, says: “Rolling up his to me, O Lord, the sleeves! Give me a stick in the right way! I’m going to look like a widow in thy fist twisted dry breasts.

In the fist twisted dry breasts. Dropped the lace until dawn. Give me a stick in the right way! I’ll take her meatless biscuits. I’ll take it black crackers. Crumble so throw up the stars. Gori gori clear! Gori …

Across Russia, the mother – Eternal post. (Eternal post). Theme of conflict (Irreconcilable contradictions) of real and ideal is clearly expressed in the works Bashlacheva. This contradiction is a reflection of contradictions in life. In Christianity, Christ everyday and sometimes do not see it. See only the exterior a man standing outside the church, and inside the mysterious life he can not contemplate. The light of Christ at that time also had been driven, so to speak, in the underground (under the floor) and, therefore, the church was dusk. ‘The stench of the church and twilight, clerks smoking incense. No. And the church is not so, all is not as it should. ” (V. Vysotsky). In Christianity, Christ’s holiness is not clear if it is not in you.

George Ponomarev

Others died under bullets or guards were caught by the fascists, they were severely punished and returned back to camp. In the POW camps and concentration camps in the French civilian work. Among them were the agents of the Resistance, which, when opportunity helped shoots small groups of prisoners and detainees. And fugitives passed to those who brought them to the guerrillas – poppies. After several unsuccessful escape from hard labor on the railroad car repair facility in Saarbrucken managed to escape from the Nazi hell, GP Ponomarev. About a month with a friend, he made his way PA Zakharkin in occupied France. Meeting with leaders of the resistance in the east of France, decided their fate: they Steel frantirerami – guerrillas.

The first baptism of fire in George Ponomarev received the night of 13 to 14 December 1943, taking part in the start-up enemy trains derailed near the station Barankur. Soon, along with a connected G. Ponomarev left in the forest area near the village of Lauzon, where he met a group of former Soviet prisoners of war. Then there were several people who arrived from Paris, and together they were in the main body of Verdun forest guerrilla group, which was called 'Stalingrad'. At the beginning of February 1944 almost unarmed guerrillas then derailed the train with the German outfit. Two weeks 'George', as they called Mr. Ponomarev French and six guerrillas in the area Spenkura derailed German troop train with guns and vehicles. February '23 day 'guerrilla commander' George 'said another blow to the enemy – the guerrillas knocked out the German defense in the post Canton Fresnes-en-Voevr.