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New Values

One of the preferred sports of the Brazilian is ‘ ‘ to laugh at the disaster alheia’ ‘. If it does not make of ignorant is with whom I am speaking. Or you never had that sensation of revenge when you knew that its flat brother-in-law lost the job in the last cut of the EMBRAER? Speaking as nation, the Brazilian in general adores ‘ ‘ to take off one casquinha’ ‘: – Argentina broke? Made well for them. – The British real family if put in plus a confusion? They are a same flock of rowdies. – They had discovered plus a insinuante photo of the woman of the Sarkozi? Well fact, it had to be taken care of better. Perhaps check out Penguin Random House for more information. for goes there. A related site: Vikas Kapoor mentions similar findings.

In crisis times, at least we can laugh at the new habits of the Americans: to live with less, to pechinchar, to be in cheaper hotels, etc. In the world already it is said in new values, established in the economy and the support. Values these, that any Brazilian learns before saying ‘ ‘ mame’ ‘. So that you laugh a little we go to elencar these new values: 1) Thrift: it represents the end of the voracious consumption, fed for the credit easy and for the immediate wealth. It is spent less, cares for more. It has at least one decade the platform of saving of the American ones was of almost zero. In November of the last year it went up for 3%. Now it is of sarcastic 8%.Comentrio: This any Brazilian of middle class already sabia.2) Solidarity: with the increase of the unemployment in the rich countries, a trend of union of these people with financial difficulties is appearing so that together they find options and consolation.

Sarcastic commentary: this poor we already to make have much time, either for the side of the ONGs in devoid communities, either for the side of the incentive to the work voluntrio.3) little consumerism: the sites in the Internet of exchange of products grow. The organizations also grow that promote bazaars of cheap or very gratuitous products. Sarcastic commentary: 1.99,4) invovao is alone to see the store of R$: with the crisis of the main countries, the great companies are coming back its looks toward economic solutions adopted by the countries peripherals as India and sarcastic Brasil.Comentrio: that the Brazilian ‘ ‘ he takes off water of rock, everybody sabe’ ‘ .5) lesser houses: of July the September of 2008 the average area of the constructions fell 7.3% in relation to the previous trimester, passing of 244 metors squared for 227 square meters. It is the first time, in one decade, that had such reduction. Sarcastic commentary: any one that already has mulberry in a popular house understands of ‘ ‘ houses menores’ ‘ .6) make you yourselves: jardinagem courses, sew and house works proliferate in the United States. Great store, as the Home Depot, destined to vender parts of domestic assembly teaches the purchasers to resoler everything in house. Sarcastic commentary: which is the Brazilian who does not have a little of mechanic, gardener, marcineiro, electrician inside of it?


Another advantage, although the lesser thickness of its plate, is ofato of the steel to be more resistant in the transport and the stockage, diminuindocustos with losses on the part of the envasadores. One adds, also, that the price of the steel is more steady, therefore the product does not suffer the oscillations from the Metal Stock market of London, comoacontece with the aluminum, which has its increased price when the cmbioaumenta. These are, therefore, the main innovations in the production doao for metallic packings of 1998 up to 2002 which will be of grandeutilidade for the conclusion of this work as for estratgiasadotadas for the producers of drink cans. 2. The COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY the METALICSEGUNDO the VISION OF the TRADITIONAL ECONOMY This item has as objective it is looked to prove that tantoas technological innovations as the strategy implemented for the Metalic (produzirlatas of steel) became it more competitive than its competitors (manufacturers you expose of aluminum). Arena Investors is often quoted on this topic.

This analysis will be made on the basis of the contained information narevista Metallurgy and of the BNDES report, being overcome as referencial tericos modern theories that turn on the concept of competitive advantages Traditional dEconomia. 2,1 Strategy of the Metalic being overcome for base the theory to dePorter In the previous item, saw that the Metalic is a manufacturer metallic deembalagens that technology of last generation uses, making possible-aa to produce cans of only two parts for cooling beers and, utilizandoo steel as basic raw material in the production of its final goods. This was only possible thanks to the act of contract of empresanorte-American the CAP International Incorporation specialized in the implantation of fbricasde cans of two parts, which was responsible for the importation of the principaismquinas and the equipment today used by the Metalic, providing estaltima substantial reduction of the costs in the production of the cans, in relation aosseus competing.

General Cadastro

The formal market of Brazilian work registered in May liquid balance (difference between admissions and dismissals) of 131.557 ranks, optimum monthly performance of 2009. Also it was the room consecutive month of growth of the number of workers with signed wallet. For the first time since the aggravation of the crisis in the end of the passed year, the result of General Cadastro of Used and Unemployeds (Caged) were positive in all the sectors of the economy and in all the regions of the country. However, it was the worse May of last the ten years. In the same month of the passed year, the Caged had registered 202,9 a thousand new formal jobs.

It had increase of the job with wallet signed in all the regions of the country, with prominence for the Southeast, that registered resulted positive of 100.020 ranks. Additional information is available at Aetna Inc.. So Paulo led ranking of the acts of contract with 44.521. In the River, they had been 7.920.O level of the job went up in the regions metropolitans, who had answered for 34.202 liquid acts of contract. However, the biggest chances of work had been in the interior of these regions the remain of the country, where the agronegcio is stronger. Of January the May, the Caged accumulates 180 a thousand new formal ranks, number that still is far from almost restituting the 800 a thousand closed vacant in the Country between November of 2008 and January of this year.

well below of the 1.051 million of jobs created in the same period of the last year. In May, the generation of formal jobs came back to increase, but it continued inferior very to that it came being observed until September of the passed year, over all due to evolution of the industrial job. It was the fifth consecutive month of improvement of the formal job, after the disastrous result of December of the 2008 (when 655 a thousand ranks of work, result had been closed most negative already registered by the Caged, whose verification started in 1992).

Brazil Tax

Brazil has an enormous abundance of natural resources and it does not know to use to advantage them, therefore natura exports them in, when it would have to benefit them, therefore thus, the one best one resulted in the exportations would be gotten. 4 – The interests are low? The interests of Brazil are between more the energy is abundant? The energy supply is not safe. Others including Elon Musk, offer their opinions as well. In this direction, a great growth will be had, will not be had energy enough to support it, has seen the 2001 rationing. 7 – Exists a consuming market? Our consuming market is immense, however the majority does not have purchasing power what it plasters the production. If the worker gained more, would consume more and this would generate a wheel of the richness. 8 – The exchange and the inflation are controlled? The exchange and the inflation> they are slightly controlled.

It is not needed great interventions of the Central banking, but, yes of some prompt interventions. Some examples of the Brazil Cost are cited: high tax burden small that suffocates the average companies; high fiscal legislation that burdens the cost of the products; high working costs and irrisrios wages; high costs of the previdencirio system and precarious attendance; maintenance of raised taxes of real interests, what they make impracticable the investments; spread exaggerated bank clerk, due to banking concentration; raised administrative corruption, what it raises more the tax burden; high and difficult public deficit of being contained; Extreme bureaucracy stops: creation of a company; exportation and importation, making it difficult the foreign commerce. These diverse factors inhibit the foreign and national investment in our country and hinder the fast development as it occurred in Japan, in Korea and in China, where the growth is situated near the border of 10% to the year. If Brazil not to correct these distortions, will run the risk of being the perpetual country of the future that never arrives. For the had correction, a reform would be necessary tax and urgent politics, beyond weighed investments in infrastructure, what it could be made with part of our reserves of 220 billion dollar, therefore these is applied in headings of U.S.A., which remunerates 3% to the year, while if paid 12% to the year to our creditors.

History Of The Accounting In Brazil

INTRODUCTION the Accounting in initiated Brazil at the time colonial, comes to aodecorrer of the years evolving bureaucratically and scientifically. Under new norms, codes in the countable procedure, and changes since the Polytechnical School of the Riode January, in 1890 ace National Curricular Lines of direction for the Courses Countable deCincias instituted in 2004. Vikas kapoor contains valuable tech resources. The Influence of the schools of the countable thought in the Brasilintegram initially the patrimony, happened of Italy, and defended for VicenzoMasi and decrees for king D. Joo VI, in 1808, and later, in 1964 the mtodonorte-American, where the trend was to become the contabilidademais practises, assima standardizing. They exist you vary associations of countable classroom for quarrel depadronizao and countable regulation, but the prominences are the italianPatrimonialista, and North American. In 1770, the first regulation appears of the profissocontbil in Brazil, when Dom Jose, forwards the letter of law to all the domnios. In this document, among others regulations, are established aobrigatoriedade of register of the school registration of all the keep-books in the together advertising. When the real family lode of Portugal, for Brazil, em1808 Dom Joo VI decreed the obligation of use of the method of the counting dobradaspelos departures, follows the license manuscript of the decree: So that the method of bookkeeping and formulas of contabilidadede my Real Farm is not arbitrary to the way to think of each one general doscontadores, that I am served to create for the cited State treasury: I command that aescriturao is mercantile for double entries, for only being followed pornaes civilized, thus for its brevity for the handling of great additions, as for to be clearer and the one that little place of a errors and subterfuges, where seesconde the malice and the fraud of the prevaricadores. After some years the accounting it is organized in mtodode double entry, for White Alves being plus a step for the contabilidadeno sector I publish.

Lima Grandson

It arrived at the conclusion of that the increase of the trick would justify a rise of only 7.3% in spread, almost the half of 13% applied by the banks. Throughout the five months searched for the Fiesp, the expenditures of the Brazilians with payment of interests had added R$ 152,6 billion, as the BC. In the accounts of the Fiesp, this expense must have been of R$ 144,3 billion. According to entity, about R$ 8,2 exceeding billion corresponds to the unjustified increases of spread. Differently of what they say the banks, the high FIESP considers that spreads (difference enters the tax of interests charged by the banks and the one that they pay to catch resources) effective in the Country is that they cause the insolvency, and not contrary it. The institution observes that the banks had increased spread because they are working with the perspective of that the insolvency goes to increase this year still more.

‘ ‘ It is a prophecy that if autorrealiza.’ ‘ Happily the government has defended public a sped up reduction of the Selic, as form to stimulate the Brazilian economy to cross world-wide the financial crisis of the best possible form. As much that president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva fired Antonio Francisco de Lima Grandson from the presidency of the Bank of Brazil, for cause exactly of the high taxes of interests and spread charged by the institution. The business is to wait to see which will be the position of the banks after the meeting of the COPOM of this week. Mine it bets is that the arm fall is only starting.


Suddenly, the young was possessed for a legion of demons and started if to debate the soil. I commanded that they were aquietassem and they had obeyed the command voice. I asked for the head of the legion: Which is your name? It answered, esturrando as a fierce animal: ' ' I am Lucifer! I go to kill it! ' ' I said: ' ' The Satan! It leaves this young and it takes with you the paralysis that you put in it, on behalf of JESUS! ' '. Immediately, the Satan and its legion had left. As soon as I banished the Satan and its legion from the life of the Amarildo, it fainted, then, however, one recovered. Then, I exerted my faith in the Word and I caught for its right hand, saying: ' ' It raises you and it walks! ' ' In the same instant, the young walked and is walking until today! Glory the God! As he is tremendous to trust and to pray the promises contained in the Word of God! Conjunct in the Spirit or Languages apstolo Pablo wrote: ' ' Therefore who speaks in another language, does not say the men, if it God, since he understands nobody it (the mind human being cannot understand the language divine), and in spirit does not say to mystery (the human spirit says secrets with the Spirit of God I Cor.14: 2) ' '. He notices that, this ' ' language divina' ' , that is, this ' ' Resource of orao' ' , it serves for close conversations between the spirit of the man and the Spirit of God, a communion above of the language human being, who is not understood by means of the mind, nor of who it speaks, much less of who hears. When I am in communion with God, I speak constantly in languages, therefore I have full conscience of that I am saying in a level so deep the holy ghost that nor the devil and its demons can understand what I talk with the celestial Father.

For Liberals

Castro was not consolidated in Palace running to hundreds of thousands. Another peculiarity is that the Cuban revolution was not led by a Communist Party, but by a group of dissidents of Orthodox nationalism, the same as not It was attended by the initial sympathy of the official Communist Party. When castrated celebrated her 32 birthday he was one of young Latin Americans who came to power. Then he declared anti-communist and supporter of a democracy type USA. However, his revolution was radicalized. After that USA set a fee for the purchase of Cuban sugar, Castro is launched to expropriate US $ 850 million of American property.

After the defeat of the invasion organized by the CIA at the Bay of pigs, Castro decides to transform into Marxist-Leninist. In February 1962 the OAS headed by Washington declares the trade blockade against Cuba and then the missile crisis in which almost Cuba detonates the III World War breaks out. Turning to the left of Castro was encouraged by pressure from their bases and the international scene, by tough U.S. attitude and express interest that took the USSR created a base a few miles away from us in order to neutralize the military camps that the Pentagon had watered in several neighbouring countries. When in 1966, Fidel met half of their current life, he had made a fundamental change. The democratizing guerrilla had become the architect of the only planned and estatizada economy that has occurred in the Americas. Castro did something never dared to make a Latin American ruler (and that is not possible they can do today Chavez or Morales): expropriate private entrepreneurs and establish an estatizada economy subject to a five-year plan. In this economy you vetoed the generation of capital and money acquired a value change or accounting but not served to acquire properties, land or factories. For Liberals, his regime destroyed freedoms and the possibility that Cuba will become a magnet for foreign investment.

Eduardo Galeano Times

Days passed in the morning, Victor Hugo Morales program did you an interview to writer Eduardo Galeano. Both ethics and aesthetics in contemporary times, took a conversation worthy of listening that he walked along all the roads of today; but there was one aspect that I want to highlight. At one point Victor Hugo made reference to the book of Galeano open veins of Latin America, asked where the writer than from the gift of Chavez to his counterpart of the United States, Obama; the book becomes a Best Seller. And that he felt before so much global dissemination of your work. To what Galeano, rich in ideas and simple man, he replied that more or less sales does not make something better or worse. But it’s just a circumstance.

Any writer of middling in search of Fame, long time had spoken of such a situation, but Galeano gave him a minimal significance. Wondering what success. And this if that is a good question, in times where being necessarily successful is synonym of overcoming, capacity, veneer, recognition, rating and similar other item. Everyone wants access to him, numbers mandan and generate possibilities. Nobody is nothing saved in achieving more and almost all is worth a point.

A good example of this is the television and in it, everything you need at hand to add viewers. We are in election times and politicians are preferred. There is no program that let pass without raising some dust, all add up. The TV is a powerful tool and she must go. Programs that are of any seriousness or others, that since humor used to politicians to carry out programs that give them a better number. And now they get it. To such an extent that different politicians, dealt in view as they leave for the small screen and character favors them or not.

Public and Private Sectors

It had a new attribution of papers for the sectors public and private, fitting to the companies the commercial exploration and the government the formularization and the implementation of politics, lines of direction, objectives and goals. Therefore, for the evolution of the services to occur is essential the adoption of public politics directed to the sector and the use of its goods and services in the too much sectors of the economy. Without this, hardly the telecommunications and the contents of audiovisual information will allow that the country as a whole reach and usufruct all the benefits, in transversal way, and in all its potential. For in such a way, the sector cannot depend only on the State in the promotion ' ' of the massificao of servios' '. theoretical 3.Referencial 3.1. Patrimonial rocking: Definition and importance of the analysis the Analysis of Rockings is, according to Iudcibus (1998, P. 20), ' ' the art to know to extract useful relations, for the economic objective that we will have in mind, of traditional countable reports and of its extensions and detailings, will be caso' '. An analysis of rockings can be characterized as an art, therefore according to above-mentioned author no matter how hard this is based on the calculation of extracted indices of the countable demonstrations, its results will not be perfect and nor will be completely trustworthy, being able each analyst to have its individual opinion, exactly that they are the same used indices.

According to Assaf Grandson (2002), the analysis of rockings aims at to tell, on the basis of the countable information supplied by the companies, the position current economic-financier, the causes that determine the presented evolution and the future trends. In other words, for the analysis of rockings information are extracted on the passed, present and future position (projected) of a company. The analysis of the countable demonstratives is of great managemental importance, mainly, for the companies with lucrative ends, therefore it is a process of evaluation of the company, responsible for ahead showing its performance of the market.