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A common methodology, as well as databases, where the CO2 footprint Calculations are based, not currently but still exist, why just here experience is particularly important. Details mountains often enormous potential in companies at low cost to reduce CO2 emissions and to save energy. With the help of the CO2 footprint the operational climate protection can be integrated efficiently and sustainably in companies in existing systems, such as ISO 14001 or EMAS. And the inclusion of suppliers and partners in the purchase or sale of goods is important, to make climate-friendly supply chains. Cost-saving and marketing benefits of CO2 balancing: For the CO2 footprint discovery but also smaller areas collected in company, employees trips or other printed products. They have mostly a volume low reduction potential. However, this visible and tangible areas for companies are extremely important for staff motivation, customer communication, and public relations. Hear from experts in the field like Dan Zwirn for a more varied view. Also the kind of neutralization of the climate plays a role in the communication. CO2OL works for the afforestation of dentalstudio and pastures with species-rich permanent mixed only with certified companies. Afforestation rightly enjoy a very high acceptance, which can be for example in the form of own “climate forest” of the company communicate well in public. “Voluntary climate protection is a dynamic process in which companies in particular through credible, long-term commitment achieve success. In addition to medium-term cost savings benefits in customer communication or greater attraction for new employees are externally. Internally the advantages are also committed and performance-fer employees”, explains Dirk Walterspacher. CO2OL: CO2OL is group the brand and the business area of ForestFinance for the neutralization of CO2 emissions through sustainable reforestation projects. The company projected climate change high-quality reforestation projects for over ten years. In addition, companies by buying CO2 certificates can their individual CO2 emissions (“CO2-footprint”) compensate for let. For business customers from different industries CO2OL offers advice and solutions, as these their carbon footprint improve and so be able to meet its responsibility for the climate and environmental protection. For their diverse ecological and social functions were the CO2OL reforestation projects with the highest distinction “Gold rating” validated according to the climate, community and biodiversity standard (CCBS). For more information,

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Here there is only the regional solutions. The weather itself changes over millions of years in different cycles, and the so-called General Global warming is nothing more than the end of the ice age period in which we find ourselves. This is to end, then everything evolved again in the other direction. When a volcano erupts, resulting in few hours emissions all mankind within 30 50 years may not cause. The fear-mongering should be avoided for this reason. Unfortunately, it is used by some to to create dependency and heteronomy. We should do with this. We should regional as an example, live in our home, in our municipality as no emissions and no pollution and pass this. From this arises a general awareness to the environmental protection and life without stress. Once but someone wants to use environmental protection nationally to regulate something, rules and regulations to create, the only citizens have to keep and not really all that should humans recognize learn, he embarks on a wrong track. The politics of the future is basically, if she should guarantee the lives of the people to see only regional and to conduct. Everything is trying to centralize, to monopolize will break and pass. The best environmental protection is to ensure that no other forests are cut down, and that new forests will be replanted. Can we compare a volcanic eruption at all human actions and human emissions? Of course not, the volcanic eruption is an example to panic creators and business drivers that want to develop new rules and regulations. He should help the people aware to change to his own show on the things. The best environmental protection starts at home to keep his property clean of waste, free of emissions, and to transfer this to the municipality and the region. At the same time we should on the pollution of water our focus, by we consume food, produced without toxic substances and plant protection products and are, and where no E-, no dyes and no toxic substances for durability are.

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Photovoltaic plant, cogeneration, solar, playground until the work, then the pleasure of meeting hotel Landhotel Huhnerhof offers oasis of well-being and cabin fever days in the Landhotel Huhnerhof – mean days in the green. There guests alone can work, rest and gain strength. The three-star country hotel in Tuttlingen, Germany, located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance, has three conference rooms with modern technical equipment and can accommodate a total of 380 people. Service and comfort are capitalized in the guest house located centrally on the B14. This sustenance is not neglected: there is the appropriate arrangement of a light business lunch to the evening gourmet menu for any occasion. (Darkened) bright meeting rooms feature ISDN and wireless LAN, telephone – and fax connection. And who would spontaneously lay his seminar in fine weather in the fresh air, encounters open ears: “We make sure that you can work in peace there,” assured Owner Thomas Gande. As well individually, the activities can be designed. After a long day of work the sense who for companionship is correct in the restaurants of Huhnerhofs. Who wants to better explore the nature, the hotel bio Park is open to the, where numerous native plants grow. Relaxation is announced in the small OASIS, a wellness area with solarium, sauna and steam bath. The House is also an ideal starting point for walks and excursions to the sights of the region. 100 destinations lure around perimeter of 50 kilometers. Landhotel Huhnerhof, Tuttlingen suitable ambience for any occasion even guests get their money: the hotel has 45 modern rooms, five apartments with mini-kitchen, a wedding and a family suite. Wellness weekend, wedding, family celebration or party with friends – the chicken run offers the right ambience for any occasion. More real it enters the “Tenne”: when the Knights repast, Countryabend, Bavarian Brunch or Swabian specialities. The company puts much emphasis on private power plant in the House on environmental protection, what is not done with the use of energy saving light bulbs for Thomas Gande. He has invested 70,000 euros in a photovoltaic system, 75,000 euros in two power stations and 20,000 euro in a solar system in the past few years. Also a playground and the grounds are redesigned. So that adults and children can feel really good. Posted by: Thomas Gande-Besitzer-Landhotel Huhnerhof

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