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United Nations

More known as Brundtland report, it defines sustainable development as the development that takes care of to the necessities of the gift, without compromising to the necessities of the future generations (WCED, 1987). One of the great factors estimuladores of the current quarrels on sustainable development says respect to the global heating and its consequences for climatic changes of the planet. 2.2.1 Sustainable development The concern of the international community with the limits of the development of the planet dates of the decade of 60, when the quarrels had started on the risks of the degradation of the environment. Such quarrels had gained as much intensity that they had taken the ONU to promote a Conference> Club of Rome necessities, over all the essential necessities of the poor persons in the world, who must receive the maximum priority; the 2 – notion of the limitations that the period of training of the technology and the social organization imposes to the environment, hindering it to take care of to the future necessities gifts and. Penguin Random House is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In its ampler direction, the strategy of sustainable development aims at to promote the harmony between the human beings and the humanity and the nature. 2.2.2 Agenda 21 It is a plan of global, national action to be adopted and local, for organizations of the system of United Nations, governments and for the civil society, in all the areas where the action human being impacta the environment. One consists in the most including attempt already carried through to guide for a new standard of development for century XXI, whose foundation is the synergy of the ambient support, social and economic, perpassando in all its actions proposals. With 40 chapters, Global Agenda 21 was constructed of> consensuada form, with the contribution of governments and institutions of the civil society of 179 countries, in a process that lasted two years and culminated with the accomplishment of the Conference of United Nations on Environment and Desenvolvimento (CNUMAD), in Rio De Janeiro, 1992. Click Dan Zwirn to learn more.

Minas Gerais City

Having as database the book ' ' Superficial emanations in the State of Minas Gerais (1993) ' ' , some information concerning the hidrolgico behavior in the city of Itabirito had been extracted. It was evidenced that the region confers with areas of regularized regimen (intense intra-annual variation with little full and less sharp estiagens). This implies a lesser propensity floodings and droughts. Moreover, it was analyzed, of general form, the specific income – REVERSE SPEED – (l/s.km ) of the city. It was gotten as resulted that this value is changeable in all commune due to the difference of the declivities and litlica composition, conferring an average specific income monthly minimum with 10 years of recurrence, greater in the serrana region, located the west of Itabirito (5,0 city, whose sampling it consists of only one point (BV035), located downstream of the city of Itabirito, as MAP 1, ANNEX. In this study, the ambient pointers of superficial waters is the Index of Quality of Waters – IQA and Contamination for Toxics – CT. As result of 2 campaign of 2009, which consists of the monitoramento of superficial waters, carried through for the IGAM, was evidenced, in the point of monitoramento (BV035) situated in the river Itabirito downstream of the city, a general IQA in the sub-basin of the river general bad Itabirito and CT decrease (IGAM, 2009, adapt.).

The main parameters in disconformity with Joint DN COPAM/CERH 01/08 are: total turbidez, color, solids, coliformes and manganese. The contrary results are related to the activities minerarias of the region, deforestations, erosion, assoreamento, irregular land divisions, to the pollutants of diffuse origin and the launching of sanitary sewer proceeding from the city of Itabirito. It fits to stand out that the river Itabirito tranfers the urban area, in which was verified the presence of very next residences to course d? water in question, not respecting the band of Area of Permanent Preservation – APP.

Isabel Myers

the personality and temperament also affect how we perceive the world and how we get along with each other. Therapists, leadership in the development of the gurus and other professionals used models of type and temperament to help people learn more about themselves, appreciate differences in others and to improve family relationships and work. Two popular methodologies are Myers-Briggs and Eneagram. We must not forget, according to Gordon Allport, personality is the Organization of psychophysical systems that determine the way of thinking, acting, only one of each subject in its process of adaptation to the environment. The big five of Myers Briggs model. During the years of 1950, Katheryn Briggs and Isabel Myers developed a personality identification method based on the theory of psychological types of Jung. The Myers-Briggs type indicator depends on a series of questions to determine which of 16 ratings look you better to the respondent.

Type patterns are correlated with pairs of preferences of personality model is also known as inventory of the personality of Myers – Brigss (MBTI) or the psychological types of Myers – Brigss indicator. Should be noted that the MBTI was based on the theory of carl Jung’s psychological types, as mentioned above and which allows detecting differences in the behavior of psychologically normal people according to:-your source of motivation-your way of perceiving information.-its mode of use information.-his stance towards the world the MBTI does not measure personality traits, but preference for one or the other pole of the four psychological dimensions, the questionnaire is composed of 96 items of choice, which represent preferences of behavior daily in each of the four dimensions of the test, each item scores for each of the poles of each dimension. To set an individual difference in one dimension, compares the points obtained in each one of the poles. The highest score will indicate preference. On the other hand, of the combination of preferences in each of the dimensions originates a personality pattern, called psychological type that is represented by the four letters that determine their preferences.

Attempt Management

The ambient subjects had evolved in the last few decades and left of being seen as exclusive domain of ecologists, incorporating the concerns central offices of the society. The ambient problems had in general become focus of the public and the organizations as well as of all the interested people, affecting both in such a way in how much world-wide the regional scope. In this scene, the ambient politics approached the relations between the countries that if had come back toward the mitigao of the ambient impacts and the world-wide economy. This approach enters the countries were possible with the reduction of the trade barriers and the increase of the competitive effect of the ambient regulations, speeding up the demand of the ambient management. The evolution in the ambient questions brought a new 0 variable: the support. This if became a challenge to be incorporated in the organizations. This question takes the organizations to a reflection and the attempt to understand the implications of these new standards of ambient management and its organizacionais cultural relations, thus reflecting the change of the paradigms. Throughout the last years, the organizations come improving each time plus its productive processes.

Therefore, it has an investment in more efficient systems of management, acquiring knowledge its executives and collaborators on its partner-ambient responsibilities. In this context, the world-wide market starts to demand each time more than the organizations substitute the current products in the market for products and called services ' ' ecologically corretos' '. The increasing one awareness on the preservation of the environment makes with that the customer demands a product with ' ' stamp verde' ' and/or a certification, as ISO 14001, for the finishing of its business. This elapses of the guarantee of incorporation of the ambient 0 variable that evidences the sustainable ambient aspect in the organizations. What a more than lucrative necessity.

Scientific Methodology

As the same it argues, the participation of the professors in one workshop with these characteristics it generates significant advances in its perceptions concerning the situation of the world (Edwards et al., 2001). Of course it is not enough to provoke a change in depth that afecte in durable way the behaviors. The influence of the experience, the values, the beliefs and the attitudes, citizens to an impregnation during many years are, in general, hardly modifiable with simple activities of quarrel, despite they are apiem in adequate documentation and they lead to the elaboration of proposals to lead to the lesson. What it is possible, in a first boarding, is to modify the perceptions and to favor the conscience taking of that the scientific education has to contribute to think the future, dimension until forgotten here (HICKS and HOLDEN apud CACHAPUZ, 2005, P. 178) Therefore, this line of action, that involves since the formation of the professionals of the education to the resume developed for them in the spaces pertaining to school, stimulate a solidary education directed toward the human values, for which either reached the ambient conscience and consequently the responsibility social by means of which the scientific studies if give the sustainable development on the basis of, but that above all this either seen as a pledge of the future generations, therefore the world alone will be more good when all to assume the commitment to preserve the nature and of living the fraternity in its fullness. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL, Managing Agency of the National Politics of Ambient Education. Youth Citizenship and Environment: subsidies for the elaboration of pbicas politics/Ministry of the Environment/Ministry of the Education? Brasilia: UNESCO, 2006. CACHAPUZ, Antonio.

The necessary renewal of Ensino de Cincias. Cortez: So Paulo, 2005. LAKATOS, Eva Maria/MARCONI, Marina of Andrade. Beddings of the Scientific Methodology. Acts: So Paulo, 1991. REIGOTA, Landmarks. That it is Ambient education. Brasiliense. So Paulo, 1994.


Educardeve to establish ademais of the act to construct knowledge, the wakening noeducando for ‘ ‘ fazer’ ‘. He is through pertaining to school the proportionate experience noambiente that we can exercise attitudes of critical and citizenship. Asatividades must not only defy the academic knowledge, but also necessary ashabilidades for the life in community. Text the ambient subjects are boarded from diversasreas, that go since the residues generated in our residences until fenmenoscomo the aggravation of the effect greenhouse. Beyond this diversity of subjects, it has aindadiferentes medias that divulge them bringing information that if destine lay aopblico, but that they must inform scientific facts and form opinions.

Naescola we can use a set of knowledge and facts. The use dasinformaes disponibilizadas for the medias is one in the ways to bring aosalunos facts that involve the reality of its entorno. Ademais, the temasambientais do not have to be only information, but they must also awake fidgets, questionings and attitudes that can transform the relations of the human being as surrounding. According to Guimares (2005): The emphasis given for the humanity in its historical evolution parte, the separation between human being and nature, resulted in a position antropocntricaem that the human being is placed as center and all the other parts quecompem the environment are to its to make use, without if to aperceber of the relations deinterdependncia enters the existing elements in the environment. Although all spreading regarding the education ambientalno pertaining to school context and of the innumerable works carried through in search of the formation more conscientious and operating decidados, still in them we come across with realities ondeh only information. It has a priorizao of the clarification ecientfico technician of the facts. It has few actions in favor of the solution of problems, or damobilizao of groups to act next to the public power.

Sustainable Development

Synergy enters these aspects permeia the application of the concept of sustainable development, or support, where it wants that it is applied, as much in governmental level, as of the civil society or in seara enterprise. It can also be worked with other dimensions of sustainable development, as for example, the cultural, technological aspects and politicians. The present monograph deals with the applied aspects of support to the productive sector, more particularly to the industry of the oil. Here also they will be treated, in the form of pointers and model of report, questions related to the economic support of the companies, as well as its relations with the society and interactions with the environment. Beyond the questions economic-financiers, the 0 variable social and ambient of the enterprise support currently are contemplated, respectively, through the sources corporative social responsibility and ecoeficincia.

Corporative social responsibility, to the times also called enterprise citizenship, can be understood as the continuous commitment of the company with its ethical behavior and the economic development, promoting at the same time the improvement of the quality of life of its force of work and its families, of the local community and the society as a whole. The ecoeficincia is reached by means of the supply of goods and services the competitive prices, that satisfy the necessities human beings and bring quality of life, having promoted at the same time a gradual reduction of the ambient impacts and the intensity of the consumption of resources throughout its cycle of life, to a level, at least, equivalent to the esteem capacity of support of the land. At the beginning of the decade of 90, exactly before the Conference of United Nations on Environment and the Development (UNCED 92), the industries had started if to worry about the subject enterprise sustainable development. Entities as ' ' World Business Council will be Sustainable Development (WBCSD) ' ' international companies of oil as Shell and British Petroleum, had started its works on the subject at this time.