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Types Of Attachments For Forklifts

At the moment there is a wide range of attachments for forklifts, divided into several types. This division is rather arbitrary and depends on what additional functionality acquire loading equipment when using this equipment. The following are the types of attachments. The first type we refer attachments, not add new features forklifts, and slightly extending their functionality. For example, side-shifter (English sideshifter), also known as the positioner – a device for lateral displacement.

This device adds no additional forklift functions, but only enhances the its basic purpose – the capture, lifting forks. This device helps to move the load in horizontal (left or right). The presence of a side-shifter enables the forklift to move cargo in three dimensions simultaneously. Various modifications of the positioners are designed for different operating conditions. For example, with increased lateral movement, to work with containers for trucks traveling from the mast, or to move barrels. Using saydshiftera allow loader operator work more efficiently. Unlike Europe, where these devices are used on forklifts very often, in Russia, the horizontal displacement device is not received a lot of popularity.

The second type of attachment may include devices that extend the standard functionality of forklifts. Examples of such devices can be used Fork extenders, stabilizers, load and clamping device, and-dump jogger, swivel mechanisms. With the latter, for example, you can move different containers with liquid and bulk cargo, as well as empty or pour out their contents. There are turning devices with different angles of rotation. The third type of attachments are devices that help loader to perform the functions for which he not originally intended.


Despite centuries of Christian history of our country, in fact, many rituals and beliefs were pagan. In many ways, it concerns the symbolism of house carvings. According to the beliefs of our ancestors, the house – a fortress. The house could evil spirits to enter only through the wooden window or door (as it is now). Therefore, window and door jamb began painting signs, charms, homemakers, Advocate, etc. In the beginning it was, in all visibility, just pictures ocher paint.

Then, due to their fragility, people have cut marks-wards from the fact that it was close, and many – of the tree. Here the skill of the Russian people was manifested in full measure. For many century Russian masters with a knife and an ax was erected wooden palaces, churches, country cottages, set up household utensils, decorated with carved patterns. As a result, there were certain traditions, types and technique of wood carving. e with that approach. The largest spread, due to its relative simplicity, has procarved thread. Proreznaya carving – this thread with all the selected background.

It can be geometric, of contour, zaovalennoy, with good performance and gives the product a pure delicacy and lightness, especially the clypeus, ledges and fences. Proreznaya carving can be done as in the technique of plane-thread (with a flat ornament) and the technique of relief carving. Flat procarved thread is often used to decorate the old Russian furniture. In applying this thread lockers and a screen under it as the background enclose the bright fabric.

The Lining

Door frames can be attached to a vertical rack profile frame walls without additional stiffeners under the following conditions: ceiling height does not exceed 2.6 m, width of door leaf – 0.9 m, leaf weight – 25 kg. Rigidity of partitions to doorway in this case will be provided with a reliable connection rack and guide profiles, which, in turn, must be attached to an overlap of dowels near the opening (at a distance of 10 cm from it). Over doorway rack sections should be isolated bolt, increasing the rigidity of the assembly the door frame. If the weight of door panels is greater than 25 kg, the rack frame walls that flank the doorway, it is necessary strengthened. In practice, this amplification is carried out either by pressing in the rack wooden beam and then attaching it with screws, screws, or by installing an additional profile. Last manipulation of the door opening – setting him over the intermediate supports. They are usually mounted two. Electrical wires are passed through the inserts isolated holes in the walls rack profiles perpendicular to them.

Once again: no allowed cabling inside the rack along the profiles of the frame, to avoid damaging the screws when installing plasterboard. Built-in sockets firmly stick to the lining due to the interaction region of sockets and internal uncovered metal legs. Previously fixed in the partition wall outlet, and then mount the switch or plug input. Now you can on one side of the finished frame to establish and strengthen plasterboard.

Construction Equipment

Trucks – it's modern high-performance machines designed for digging, loading and processing of different materials: different types of soils and rocks, coal, sand, gravel, metal shavings, wood chips, stones, etc., as well as agricultural products. In addition, the loader can independently process the ground (to make dumping mounds of earth, trees), to work in bulldozer mode: to produce the layout of sites and passage shallow pits. Loader can transport goods in the ladle or in grips, tow trailers or any other equipment at short distance. Loaders, having much smaller dimensions and weight than the excavators could raise a much larger mass of the goods; for maneuver do not need a large area. It is these qualities and define their scope. Accordingly, transformed and working parts – buckets. Standard buckets (with a straight cutting edge without teeth) are used for transhipment of sand, gravel and clay soils. These buckets can also be equipped with a removable double-sided cutting edge (full segment) made of hardened wear-resistant steel with high hardness.

Jaw Buckets increase the height of the landing on dozens of inches and allow the loader has additional features (pushing and leveling the soil, backfill, planning, capture bulk and general cargo). To assess the effectiveness of two important truck characteristics – the width of the bucket mouth and throwing back his corner. Rack back to the ground strongly influences the degree of its filling. The range of variation of the angle throwing back at the different models front loader quite wide (from 34 at the models of firm O & K to 53 at the Caterpillar) and determined by the size and type of cylinders Swing bucket.