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Tag: fashion and style Fashion In An Economic Crisis

In this article I will advise on how not to lose, or vice versa to purchase their own individual fashion style at the time of crisis. To date, this issue has become urgent for women because many have to limit yourself to any cost. This is especially true of course for clothing. Very few people can afford to buy expensive clothes from a fashion designer, particularly in a difficult period of life, yet every woman wants to be unique and elegant. Consider, for example, Coco Chanel, the woman was a leading couturier 20th century, it acknowledged the most influential man of the time, he offers her style was admired the most fashionable girls of France, and not only that. Thanks to what? Its secret lies in the fact that she created clothes that differed incredible simplicity. Cheap usable tissue, inconspicuous colors, simple silhouettes, everything is still relevant to today's days. I think this is the secret of Coco is just perfect in order to save a considerable amount of money as things simple cut are much cheaper than heaped up, and looks it, as a rule, always better and more elegant. So, you one-shot kill two birds. Upon request, the same can be added to together all kinds of accessories – a belt, necklace, pendants, bracelets, etc., it depends on the amount of your ideas. Invent, try it. Of course, if you want a thing that no one else will have to make her own hands. Firstly, there are many different magazines that offer patterns of different things, such as Magazine Burda. Secondly, of these journals can take the idea of not only how to sew a new thing, as well as how to make from an old, stale, to the farthest shelf of the cupboard, things – candy. It is also very important that things were simple and well combined with each other. Just add a scarf, blouse, any beads, it immediately will radically change your image. And if there is an opportunity to vary with the shoes, it will simply chic. I hope my advice will not go in vain.

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