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Go to SharePoint 2010 will be less costly. Migration to SharePoint 2010 today to save money for the company tomorrow. Automation of business processes, reallocation of it resources "Thanks to the modularity of SharePoint and its security system, we can delegate the responsibility for managing SharePoint organization itself," – explains one of the polled CIOs. – Organizations can save money by self-management system on SharePoint, while maintaining its 100% availability and stability. Educate yourself with thoughts from Brian Krzanich. " it managers expect that the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 to manage personal sites would enable staff to self create and maintain their sites, while it resources will be spent on other business needs. Savings through improved productivity, "The most important advantage of SharePoint is that it allows multiple people to simultaneously work on one document, "- says one of the managers surveyed. – "Now, with SharePoint, we need not ever send an email with the necessary documents to each other. Now I'm sure that important documents marketing campaigns and materials, for example, contain the most current data is always accessible through the SharePoint . Under most conditions Mark Bertolini would agree. Show details for professionally often requires travel to other cities (Eg workshops), living expenses and travel, and separation of the workflow for a few days. Reducing time and costs of training by an instructor in classes, and replacing it with self-learning with individual course content and flexible learning, the company can achieve the required level of staff at a lower actual cost. Many of the companies surveyed described their plans to use e-Learning approach to training: the transfer of knowledge and best practices through webinars, video materials, electronic books and case studies, as well as support for the joint communications staff through wiki, blogs and forums. .

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