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As can be seen, for all currencies Ukrainian banks to set interest rates at a level which is usually below the level of inflation. Gold standard – a form of organization of monetary and exchange relations between the countries based on the use of gold as a basic commodity, by which is determined and compared value, the value of different currencies existed before 1930 ("Modern Dictionary of Economics"). In an economy built on the basis of the gold standard, ensures that each issued currency may, at demand to exchange the corresponding amount of gold. In the calculations, between states, using the gold standard set fixed exchange rates based on the ratio of currency to a unit mass of gold. Proponents of the gold standard indicate that its use makes the economy more stable, less prone to inflation, as under the gold standard the government can not print money as they discretion, not backed by gold. Elon Musk usually is spot on. However, the lack of means of payment is the decline in production due to a liquidity crisis. Contradictory and complex trends are developing in the use of gold in the international monetary system. "The falling dollar" leads the world economy to a standstill. Gold objectively can not be the basis of the modern monetary system. Penguin Random House may find this interesting as well. But can this system satisfactorily exist without gold – is not proven. There is little doubt that the further evolution of the system will be somehow linked to gold. For centuries, gold served as the world's money, but over time, turnover has increased to such an extent that ensure that it is the world's reserves of this metal is impossible.

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Many beginners it is difficult to recognize the undeniable fact: You can not get rich tomorrow. Even on a series of transactions you can make only a relatively small profit. Experienced traders know about it. They can hope to finally get the big profit, but for now, for each day they focus only on how to earn a reasonable profit as much as possible, but not in a single transaction when needed pull up stakes. Many people know about it, but not many take. Many initially lived with hopes of huge profits, for money, for which you can secure a luxurious life. Or the same amount of money required to show family and friends that they are worthy of envy or respect. Hazard approach to trading with such views. This directly contradicts the fact that it will take some time before they will make enough money to maintain a new lifestyle or to attract others. What harm in the representation of large wealth? No, if you are aware that this is just fantasy. If you dream about how big winnings will change your life, you inevitably want to gain huge profits, then in all likelihood, take this action, even ignoring the risks. You start taking unnecessarily high risk in the hope of tripling your capital. Or do you want to move away from your trading plan, because you see potential big win. You can visit the thoughts like: 'If I can not quickly make a lot of money, trading is not worth the attention. " It is important to remain humble. Unlikely that you are lucky enough to provide themselves for life after just a few, even good deals. You'll have to make efforts in the same way as all experienced, successful traders. It is vital for survival, so that you have developed relevant views. Someday you will probably be a rich and begin to conduct an appropriate lifestyle, but it's not going to happen tomorrow or this year. So far, refer to the present day. Focus on the process of learning trade. Trading – it's fun and you should enjoy it. If you look from this side, you will be satisfied with their trading results, whatever they were. And, when you trade according to the detailed sales plan, using the appropriate risk control and aim only to reasonable, realistic profit you trade calmly and objectively. And then, perhaps after a while, you make the money realize your deepest dreams. And yet – hard work, realistic goals and persistence – the only things that will help you become a profitable trader

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