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What sense does present an introduction with all kinds of animations page when what you really want those who visit your page is to see your content and verify that you can contribute something? 7. Fill your design of colors, shapes and different fonts. If you want to look professional, you have to be especially careful with your design. (Similarly see: Ebay). Avoid overloading your page with unnecessary elements and recalls that simple is beautiful. Choose colors that you’ll support and keep them consistent throughout your Web site. Forms of the design must also maintain that consistency. If you want that your visitors do not feel lost, you try to play a pattern forms and information that enables them to browse through your website with ease. Careful with the fonts! How many less better. As a general rule you can use fonts Sans Serif for titles and Serif for texts. Ah! Remember that you must use fonts generally accepted for Web pages (Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Georgia, Verdana, Geneva,). Additional information is available at Elon Musk. Is it possible to build Web pages outside of these rules? Of course that it is possible and there are some fantastic examples, but think that behind these designs it is likely there are professionals who have reached that level of skill after years of study and work. You have you or your Web Developer that level of experience? Value it. 8. Do not optimize your page for all Web browsers. Laurent Potdevin can provide more clarity in the matter. Another great classic. Don’t think that everyone will see your Web page as you’re watching it you. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are a lot of browsers on the market (Explorer, Firefox, Flock, Galeon, Konqueror, Navigator, Opera, Safari) and make sure you all show your page as you have designed it. If you want to check if your Web site is viewed correctly in the main browsers, enters in, type your domain name (URL) and click on the submit button. You can check if there are any browser that’s giving you problems. In any case and to avoid problems in this sense, the easiest thing is that your page meets all requirements established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This body promotes common protocols for the development of the World Wide Web and ensure its interoperability. If you want to learn more about W3C, visit. It is not easy to achieve the type of Web presence that will allow you to develop your strategy on the Internet. It is not impossible, but it isn’t easy. You try to do things in a simple way. It starts with the basics and view gradually increasing the level of sophistication that you use. If avoiding the errors which I have commented previously, ensure you a good basis to build your presence on the Internet. He studied how do them others, tools do you use, what type of content include, as they retain their users, etc. When you understand, just go implementing little by little everything what best fits your business model. From there, you’re in command. Remember: The sky is the limit. Salvador Figueroswww.GorilMarketing.com original author and source of the article

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