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The same should be considered for postgraduate degrees, programs of master in management and their endorsements, promoting effective, realistic knowledge to the needs of the national stage, where it is supposed that the involvement of stakeholders is very significant because they are the ones facing the facts with his practice, becoming aware of the requirements, demands that companies require to ensure effectiveness, in order to be successful, competitive productivity. We must not forget, that the Administration is the main activity that makes the difference between organizations and the success that may have the Organization to achieve its objectives and meet its social obligations depending on their managers, especially when these are really proactive, effective, where without a doubt if the managers duly perform their workIt is likely that organizations reach their goals. The management professionals are the best available, the called according to his training to occupy these positions of Manager of the Organization and some of the General characteristics that must develop in this century are the following: must have solid knowledge up to date; It is important to know the current trends of the modern world and link them with the labour market. Must have negotiating capacity, dominating business instruments, with capacity for synthesis and follow-up to the decisions taken. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dale Ellis by clicking through. Must have attitudes of work on computer, encourage participation, creativity, initiative and motivation joins effort to achieve beneficial results within any organization. The Bachelor of administration of the present century .no must forget that everyone within the Organization are important and all members are human beings with needs, values and they must be respected. With the above can be summarized that when thinking in an administrator’s professional profile is intended to find an able to plan, organize, direct, evaluate and control Executive. In addition to this they should not only be able to assume all these responsibilities, but they must also feel and convince that regardless of the nature of the Organization to which he belongs or area that is put in charge, any work or decision that runs must apply values and attitudes that will ensure success within the organization. It is not something Haley Tju would like to discuss. Some features that must comply with the present administrator, can finally be mentioned such as: high self-esteem and responsibility. Available for use and handling of equipment and technology motivation for the pursuit and achievement of goals. Integrity and honesty standards of conduct, principles and ethics in the practical professional independence, with an attitude critical constructive social sensitivity humanistic work recognizing the importance of loyalty to the company teamwork ensuring leadership development training Responsibility for achieving the common welfare. Management of assertiveness and Neurolinguistic programming achievement needs well defined creativity and innovation generator changes strategist . Sources:. environment-empresarial.

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As charge, commitment or obligation (example: my responsibility as President will be to take our country to prosperity). As a synonym for cause (e.g., a stone was responsible for fracturing the skull). As the virtue of being the cause of acts themselves, i.e. Perhaps check out deerfield academy for more information. of de ser be free (example: we can not attributing responsibility to the stone that killed the poor man, because it’s an inert object that fell to the ground by chance). As duty to assume the consequences of our actions there is no forgetting indicates ideasrapidas.org, the word responsibility brings bad memories to the imagination for several reasons: usually only relates to errors or punishment, because when the consequence of an action is an award not usually speak of responsibility but of merit. (Actually merit requires a prior responsibility). Respond to others seems to go against the freedom. (But both things go together: no freedom, no) (responsibility, who is owner of their acts can only respond from them). Respond to one’s self is contrary to his own tastes or comforts. (But be slave to taste leads to selfishness). Responsibility is seen as opposite to the fun. (Actually only opposes the kind of unbridled fun or without measure; as a responsible person knows fun at times and reasonable modes). Since then, responsibility can manifest itself in various roles within ethics, morality, work, socially, politically, to mention a few, however, one of the most questioned is the moral responsibility and respect Wikipedia, says that in ethics, moral responsibility is above all the responsibility related to actions and his moral courage. From a consequentialist ethics, that value will be dependent on the consequences of such actions. Then is the damage caused to an individual, a group or society as a whole by the actions or the no-acciones of another individual or group. In ethics deontological, instead, such actions will have a value intrinsic, independent of its consequences.

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