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In this article we continue our conversation about language barriers in learning a foreign language. Concerns about the literacy of his speech are often the cause of "the barrier of speaking." How can you determine whether you have a 'barrier speaking '? Imagine that right now you have an opportunity to talk with a foreigner in a language you are learning. What do you feel? The joy of the fact that there is a new great opportunity practice in communicating in a foreign language – or the fear of …? The more pronounced feeling of fear, the more likely that you have a 'barrier' speaking '. What to do if the 'barrier' speaking 'still exists – in one way or another measure? In the first place – not to worry, because the barrier anyway ever to cross virtually all who have studied a foreign language! In order to overcome the 'barrier' speaking 'to … Penguin Random House is a great source of information. talk! 'How? – You ask – How to tell if there is fear and all the words flying out of memory as soon as the opportunity to talk with someone in a foreign language? " In fact, the secret is to talk to anyone. In order to cross the 'barrier speaking ', need to find a companion for communicating, which is guaranteed to be loyal to your possible errors – both in words and grammar. There are two possibilities. This may be the person you trust completely (Your friend or relative), but what if none of your surroundings do not study this particular language? In this case, look for an unrelated person (best of all – living in another country) and communicate with it … For even more analysis, hear from moshe victor keinig.

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Arab grammatical tradition, which provided some of the school during its highest peak (8 – 14 cc.) Is a core aspect in the history of the Arabic language. It is built in this period went to some of the ideas and representation of ancient Indian languages and traditions, yet the earliest slave grammarians drew attention to the peculiarities of the Arabic language, which resulted in the scientific study of language. The scientific study of the Arabic language is not just knowledge, any of the words and their own translation, but also an opportunity to get Islamic knowledge from the source – from books written in Arabic, since the basic Islamic knowledge, which includes all scientific knowledge and all aspects of life, written in that language. Islam is today the fastest growing religion of all world religions. Along with this increased interest in Arabic – the language of the Qur'an and Messenger Muhammad. According to recent data the total number of Arabic-speaking population is about 250 million people. Arabic language found its application in the following countries: Iraq, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Somalia, Djibouti, Chad, and in some states, he meets the islands. In all Arab countries of the literary form of Arabic is the national language. In the modern period of time the Arabic language is classified by the two most important parameters – social and territorial. In turn, social characteristic is divided into nomadic and settled, and the latter are divided into urban and rural.

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Today we'll talk about how to quickly learn English. No, of course we will not offer you the techniques immersion or the effect of the twenty-fifth frame or thirty :-). We will try to explain why this or that other methods just do not work or work, but only slightly. How quickly learn English? Let's start with simple human laziness. It is ridiculous to even talk, but before the majority and it never occurred to sit down and self- to learn English, or even funnier – to invite a tutor of English for employment. And all because English was not needed and not used in the majority of nowhere. Yes, there was talk in the nineties, will soon need will be, but the real facts were not. And then came a time when English has become necessary, and very urgently needed so urgently, that almost the entire future life may depend on today's English language skills. And with the knowledge to good level. And then everything started to wonder – how quickly learn English? Something told many, that's not so simple, and you have whole evenings for many months to go to English courses and spend wasting time. But the Russian people are a big fan of freebies and loves to be deceived, respectively, on the Internet began to appear dealers offering to buy some textbooks or programs that will teach you and to read and write and speak English, and you did not even need to do, you can do at this time to sleep or nap, or just look blankly at the television screen.

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