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Photo gifts as proof of love – now Munich, Valentine’s day 28.01.2011 – posterXXL several creative ideas has re-recorded with personal and romantic love just in time for Valentine’s day in the portfolio. Creative photo gifts underscore an “I love you!” and show it to the recipient not only in words. So the surprise is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s day, but also for the wedding or anniversary. Connect with other leaders such as Ebay here. Your own photos in the form of the heart together puzzle as a mouse pad on the desk, in a glittering ball filled with heart or as extravagant love photo book – it shows the deep attachment to his loved ones today. Simplified with a selection of 18 different photo products posterXXL friends creative gift ideas selection, when it comes to a simple and romantic Valentine’s day gift. Fast and easy to use the selected photo is transmitted via the online designer and go as a personal greeting on the way. Romantic posterXXL photo gifts for photo enthusiasts, the affection romantic and failed to show the customizable photo gifts are, the right choice. The idea may not quite come who has put together posterXXL over 18 different creative gift ideas. So, edited photos can be used in addition to the original photos with software. It must be also not always in color, work black/white pictures or pictures with special filter effects or additional graphics often resourceful to. Examples of personal posterXXL photo gifts photo puzzle heart puzzle slightly differently. The personal puzzle in heart shape stands with 63 or 114 parts to choose from. So, the love of piece by piece is solidified. The puzzle in heart shape depending on the choice of the parts starting from 13.99 available. Not only in the form of the heart, in the classic format puzzle with 35, 120, 500 and for long available common evenings with 1000 parts to choose from.

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Tag: friends & relationship German Children Are Under Stress

Paint as a relaxation aid number 1 Nuremberg, April 2012 not only adults, but also more and more children suffer under time pressure in everyday life. A representative study by TNS infratest on behalf of STAEDTLER comes to this conclusion. To stop this development, parents should regularly offer their children ways to relax. Painting is the medium of choice: more than 90 percent of the surveyed parents keep the painting for the best relaxation method in children. Children are often under stress, almost 80 per cent of parents confirm that in Germany. And also experts observe this development for some years more. The causes are varied, white Dr. med. “Miriam Bachmann, specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy in Hamburg: time-consuming activities with digital media such as the computer or game console, and a poor sleep pattern or high educational pressure all reasons might, which is why children real stress symptoms are observed.” Children can show however difficult this pressure. It is therefore important that parents recognize the first signs and respond. Learn more at: Penguin Random House. So, it can help many children, when integrating with regular breaks throughout the day. It offered such simple activities, such as painting. Painting is not only relaxing, but also quite unconsciously support the child’s development. Dr. Miriam Bachmann confirmed: creative action and painting to create courage and self-confidence, the initiative is encouraged and free willingness to let the fantasy. Painting helps both the fine and gross motor skills, which is later for the acquisition of literacy and legal literacy of importance.” The expert advises to do so to integrate painting early in the everyday life of children. In the perception of parents the ability painting without trade specifications and limits (90.7%), it helps and the processing of the experiences of the day (87.2 percent). Children to convey the fun painting as well as to promote creativity the STAEDTLER company is a major concern.

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