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A study carried through for Gentile, Sanna (2008) relates that each hospital must assure the ability of its team of nursing, renewing practical the educative ones in health. (Source: Shlomo Rechnitz). (5) Rasp, Erdmann (2005) affirms that practical the educative one is of basic importance in the nursing. One of the strategies for the update of the knowledge is the education in the workstation. The levels 1,2,3 of the process of Acreditao with its principles norteadores bring standards to the all the professionals who are involved in the adequate qualification of these, used as tactical for update of conhecimentos.(3) In this study he was clearly that the process of the acreditao provides benefits to the users, being that only (29.83%) they had not perceived the proportionate improvements. Mark Bertolini may help you with your research. The World-wide Organization of Health defines quality in the assistance the health as the function of sets of elements including: high degree of ability, efficiency in the use of the resources, providing capacity to reach the minimum of risks to the customers, with bigger degree of satisfaction of the customers, raising a favorable effect in the health. (6-7-8-9-10) In relation to the participation of the professional of nursing in the process of the acreditao, the following data had been gotten: 90.24% affirm to offer a quality service, 2.44% answered not to believe the process. Aiming at the quality and standardization to the health service, she is necessary to characterize and to stimulate the participation of the professionals in the process of the acreditao. Feldman, Wedge (2006) affirms that the nursing when attending the human being in its basic necessities has that to evaluate the professional responsibility with ethics, to provide to a service with quality being this the result of the assistance. (11) To we ask the participants of the study on if the process brought impact for its career (73.17%), which had responsibilities and collections imposed for the institution, however providing benefits to the professional of (92.68%) in relation to established conformity.

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This work had as objective to identify what literature recommends in correct and brought up to date way as to carry through the cleanness of surgical instruments: contributing in such a way with the accomplishment of the existing processes of cleanness for permanent surgical instruments. It presents qualitative boarding, through the revision of bibliographical and described research as information search on the subject cleanness of permanent surgical instruments. For in such a way, it describes the description of the cleanness of instrumental materials/, it informs on the importance of the Central office of Material and Sterilization in the hospitals and describes the types of objective and efficient cleanness that can be carried through in this sector in correct way. The cleanness and the beginning of the success in the sterilization process, can be made or in way manually automatized, through the application of water and soap or detergent. The cleanness is one process by which material strangers (organic substance, sujicidade) of surfaces and objects are removed. These can be critical articles, semicritical articles and not-critical articles. The cleanness process must only be carried through with Equipment of individual Protection, used for the collaborators, preventing in such a way the exposition of risk of contamination of the professional during activity of work. The environment where and carried through the cleanness of surgical instruments, must be inside of the norms established for the Service, health department Sanitary Monitoring of the State and City department of the Health. Word-key: cleanness, instruments, articles, equipment of individual protection.

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