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Buenos Aires

But the philosophy of this law, gives us hope to begin inviting to consider, above all to those who are at the Antipodes of our conceptions on this issue, which as it is done with incandescent lamps, can be done with the automotive. If you have read about Elon Musk already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For example prohibit the importation of motor vehicles or component parts of motors that exceed certain (e.g. 750 cubic inches) displacement. It is understood that we refer to non-commercial private use vehicles. This is complementary with the legislation of the use of biofuels already in application.

And with conducive policy that gradually charges currently transported by truck, tipping for reasons of energy efficiency to the railway and water transport, as on the other hand has been a global trend even before the aggravation of the current crisis. Recently sanctioned a law on promotion of the motorcycle industry, which is also compatible with the measures underway or those suggested. I think that it is not necessary to dwell more on what suggests the coming into force of this Law 26.473. We believe that it marks a path. That reinforces some public policies already running. And the way mark, you need something that is above the policies public: the decisions of the people. This multidimensional crisis, involves changes in our everyday cultures, attentive our profiles of life (not just the consumption and work) were decanted over at least three generations that preceded us, availability of low cost energy resources, as well as the absence of environmental limitations, that now if there are, and disrupted the development of our quotidianity. It is our fervent hope, that many of our compatriots, can be viewed on this fruit of the State of Argentine law, what we envision from what now is law, it was just project. Buenos Aires, January 21, 2009) #I3545904I # original author and source of the article.

The House

The tongues of fire crepitaran in the House while the noise of the engine encourages the game. Blood everywhere, huge wounds on the face, chest and back, broken bones break meat and peep their chips as wilted stems. I dirigire a look of hatred towards the watchman who supports your foot in the defense of the vehicle with a rifle crossed over the chest. The van breaks they hit my head in the grooves of the wagon. The beatific unconsciousness will not reach. Lying see the canvas of the van sank under the weight of rain, while going to my side will die in a meager Rale.

The House will be away longer. The road will be a dense quagmire. I do not recognize the place. Suddenly it has become very sinuous. We descend all in one direction.

Stirrup man we will push and we will hit with his rifle. At that time, the time and space will have lost its meaning. The light will just be a stain that fades. The shadows grow. The temperature will drop and we helaremos to the core of our few bones intact. Stops the truck. Subjects will return. We crawl like wet sacks and us launched against a rocky soil. Fall on each other while voices spit your anger in an angry language. On a thicket, I will be the least injured. But the calm will not last much. They placed shackles oxidized in the hands and feet. We will force to walk with the fields metal hitting our heels and ankles. There will be a deposit of high walls. Doors shall be riveted metal. Will float inside the sweet smell of the urinate and its warmth will cover the stiff fingers. We will go again to shoving. Attached we will fall. When the leader of the group with his flashlight to see our bloody faces, we percataremos the presence of other prisoners.


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Workshops School

The stimulators of the ReUSE campaign, pointing to the reuse of wastes through the elaboration of new items and which is inserted into the Aysen Reserva de Vida project are pursuing an intensive work with students from schools in the commune of Coyhaique. The workshops, where the children assembled their own products, was launched on May 17 with 6 th B of school Republic Argentina, date marking the world day for recycling. Florence Labarca, Coordinator of the initiative, explained that thanks to the disposition of the director of the establishment and the Angelica head teacher Catalan, children developed their own croquebasuras, which are notebooks that arm themselves with sheets of letter or ex officio printed on one side only, with lids from containers of tetrapack, among other cardboard boxes. To do this, they reach to the classroom with the material reuse, guillotine and anilladoras, which is complemented by a presentation which explains to the kids the 3r concept: reduce (buy less waste), reuse (which is to take advantage of a product materials giving them a second use) and recycle (that consists in developing new products thanks to capacity that have certain materials, such as glass or plastic, to be processed again). It is a didactic and experimental activity, that we believe is working quite well because it achieves the attention of children and they understand the concept.

Children are fascinated by their croquebasura, that premiered in them writing messages alluding to the theme noted Labarca, who has developed this work with the Aysen reserve of life, Veronica Venegas project coordinator. To date have been already several activities, with 8 th school Republic Argentina, and the 4 th, 5 th and 6 th of the Balmaceda school, continuing in these days with Villa Ortega establishments and others of the commune of Coyhaique. At the end of each activity, is given to each child also a case made with pvc fabric reused. Thanks to the Aysen Reserva de Vida project, which is financed the campaign, brings to the family economy of women entrepreneurs of labor workshop Rauli population enlargement Bernardo O Higgins, who chairs Nelda Guerrero explained the head of the initiative, which develops to the eave of the private corporation for the development of Aysen. The objective of this working line of the hood ReUSE is to reach about 400 children and children from the commune of Coyhaique, for which thank to all those who helped us, from their homes and offices, to recolectr the waste that we use when we develop our activities said Florence Labarca.

American States Support

The Chilean diplomat Jose Miguel Insulza was re-elected unanimously for another term as head of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS). Insulza is aware that received support allowing you to some tranquillity in his next term, isn’t a carte blanche, but an endorsement to an organism that needs an urgent re-engineering. Criticism received in its previous management, should not fall on deaf broken by re-election, but that should be the starting point to achieve a continental body more effective and efficient in their duties. While it is true that some Member countries are not satisfied with the actions of the OAS, it is not so easy to find a solution in a multilateral agency whose characteristics mark the margin for manoeuvre of the same is extremely limited by strict respect to the sovereignty of its members. That is why the Secretary-General has very few resources for his performance. Insulza should be supported in this second period in countries such as: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and of course United States which have greater weight in the region and see in negotiating with them that will surely be very hard, until where it will allow you to act, whether there will be a wider margin of participation to the OAS in the treatment of regional issues. It is necessary for Insulza to have such support. We should remember that more than once re-elected General Secretary said: the OAS is what its Member States want it to be.

One of the toughest criticisms to the previous management of Insulza has been his lack of aggressiveness to act. If get the support not just for votes, but to give more legitimacy to its work in complex situations that surely you must act. Although the great failure of the previous management of Insulza was the Honduras case, there were also important achievements which stand therein, as they have disabled the Nicaraguan political-institutional crisis in 2005. Also, the support given to Bolivia in its transformation process democratic, have prevented a political crisis in Guatemala in 2009 and having prevented the growth of a possible conflict between Ecuador and Colombia in 2008. Jose Maria Insulza should rethink the so-called Democratic Charter, as promised when it presented its programme for the second period.

Such reform would be aiming to achieve greater felxibiliad and faster procedures enabling it to act preventively. But in doing so, the unanimous support of 33 votes from the 35 member countries (Honduras and Cuba have no representation) received in the re-election, should materialize in alliances and support to the Secretary-General. Only thus the Organization of American States will fulfill its mission as a modern organization that should be at the height of the challenges that will be presented in the American continent.

Strategic Vision

H. DUBRIC of VENEZUELA for the world this Venezuelan businessman and Adviser to companies, from 1,974 devoted part of his time to the formation of the new Executive, which would be needed for this century, raised his voice of alert on the events that are upcoming for this new century, not only in economic, but political and social. That was how in 1990 he writes his first book birth of a new Executive, where clear left his postulates, that nowadays have an extraordinary effect. Let’s see: many countries to defend their economies will have getting out of any negotiating table and break old agreements, forced by circumstances to protect their industry and this will bring conflict between parts, friction, wars internal and external struggles economic power will not surrender and pretend to incorporate women and men related in any political system, bringing violence, chaos, confusion. All of this will generate terrible consequences. Industry the arms it will grow, mechanisms of corruption will be expanded and insecurity will be increasingly rampant, because people gave him an excessive psychological money value, and therefore, to the dirty war, exploitation, extortion, conspiracy, covert actions, injustices, they will advance at all levels. Soon it will be more than impossible emigrate to other countries, because each country will sovereignly, take measures to ensure well-being to its inhabitants.

That is why we must prepare ourselves, because expect us more tough times in which they are living. It will be supremely difficult to sustain as entrepreneur or Executive, anywhere in the world, because the events that are at the gates, are dramatic, political and social convulsion is the particular trigger that will NIP unsuspecting analysts alleged, without the natural disasters which arreciaran. We are marching increasingly towards times more critical that humanity has ever lived. Why is required psychologically prepared people, who knows how to handle with balance, without losing the enthusiasm, to extract the resources necessary for the survival of any circumstance’. For this purpose H.

Dubric, has delivered, the fifth system of direction and management of free initiative, which teaches how to reconcile external events by dramatic which are, with the serene psychological reflection, thus developing the genuine strategic VISION, who will lead us to safe harbor. The encyclopedic compendium of H. Dubric, is currently comprised of nine (9) works: birth of business, Strategic Vision (2006 seminar) and a new Executive, virtue, ethics and Moral Executive (seminar 2007), Crisis and future Domino effect does leadership?, how to overcome corruption and uncertainty of the future, the fifth system and management effective and the fifth system new order management where talks on how to deal with matters financial and business in these times of CRISIS.


In addition, what referred to Salvatierra’s doctor with what things? To education? To the policy? A anthropology? Just in case, I sailed as I could in a modest sea of vagueness and common places that, for those anachronistic and virtually timeless beings should not be both. How have things changed! sighed doctor Villalobos to hear my succinct and tottering story today everyone is enrolled, while in my time I had to fight as a conscript for the children of the rural world could learn the four rules. At best, the situation is not as idyllic as it seems intervened Unamuno. What do you say? He inquired the other. That maybe everyone manages to study, but does not learn much. Literacy is not the same as culture. More teaching does not necessarily equals greater knowledge by one who receives it.

We put an example he said, to see signs of disagreement by some members of the group. When Cervantes published Don Quixote had very few people who knew reading and accordingly could enjoy with his great novel, but then lawyers were cultured people, who mastered the knowledge of his time. Instead, he now added, without explicit if the temporal adverb referred to my historical today or yours, than in what had a small chronological mess, people know many inconsequential trifles, but lacks the intimate vision and general world in which he lives, lacks depth and intellectual perspective, lives in an inane superficiality. Tovar then gave a slight nod noseband and added: I have read something similar in Don Jose Ortega and continued, ignoring the gesture of displeasure of Unamuno, who criticizes the barbarism of specialization, as he calls. That is, that in a world of fragmented knowledge, people reach an understanding if you want ever deeper, but materials whose scope will gradually reducing while missing instead that global vision of the world, this weltanschauung which Don Miguel claims.

Venezuelan Government

Indicates, that the capital attempted to three routes loopholes of the problem of overproduction: neo-liberal restructuring, globalization and financialization. However comments, Pickard, none of the routes mentioned by Bello worked in a sustainable way. As a result the world is in economic crisis stronger since the great depression of 1929-1942. Since then, all this represents serious problems for Mexico and Venezuela in South countries affected by the crisis by having a high degree of dependency on the United States economy. Venezuela, has a significant income in dollars before its commitment to supply oil to that country.

Faced with this reality, the Venezuelan Government, he must know manage their income, not vilify it with donations from dollars to other countries, When you should invest in step with social, educational, health programs, technological, production which favours to those who live in the country, where serious problems of discontent, opposition to what many consider that the Bolivarian revolution has not been able to tackle successfully, otherwise, manifested they point out, there is unemployment, insecurity, violence, poverty, discontent, leading to the emergence of a turbulent scenariorisky. The Government should focus more on learn to use their income in its national budget, public spending, in such a way that generate programs, actions which are conducive to their development, is conducive to the transformations that are required to integrate all sectors production, from the industrial, consumer, agricultural, giving way to a domestic industry which guarantees employment, participation of the country in the international markets and of course, conducive to the interest of the agricultural development, for example, the creation and support to micro-enterprises which play a decisive role in the country’s economic productivity. To avoid further increased import, become meno dependent on this and encourage the production in order to give way to the export of new products and not only depend on oil. Urgent as they have said, profound transformation of strategy and redefine chord instruments of economic policy, macro-level and sectoral.

Steve Alpizar

In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will know all the steps for changing the internal expectations, with the methodologies shown in this book you will advance much faster to get what they want, then schedule the luck in their life, your goals will be complying gradually and the power of your subconscious mind will accompany you. Beliefs govern the world, nobody can never impose conditions to another from a spiritual point of view, this means that if someone has hurt us in any way was because internally we allow it, a negative information I take strength and manifested. Good beliefs that you adopt will become a shield that attracts the best and protects it from the circumstances that do not favor him, is exactly equal to a computerized machine that measures the optimum filling level of a product, which are not as he rejects them, so that only accepts levels that have been scheduledlike you, will only accept the beliefs that have been scheduled in his mind. When someone has raised expectations and internal beliefs every time you experience a better world, the luck that this person has scheduled accompanied him at all times, is here where great opportunities arise to develop what we’ve always wanted. Is possible that previously you not you have had consciousness of mental programming and as a consequence today have many negative beliefs, if something is programmed, you can also block or unlearned, now is the time to adopt ideas of success and knowing that you governs their destiny through the mental programming every day perform, learn the truth, release his great poweryou have a great mission, so you must work on it. original author and source of the article.

DatTable Others

Be at peace with oneself is synonymous with being at peace with others, to achieve this our life always has to be full of love, through the love we can see the fullness of God. One of the goals of every human being must be experiencing love in its entirety: the couple, with nature, with others, with the arts, discoveries, etc. In fact with everything around us even things that we don’t understand at some point. The big secret to experience love is knowing that the world is a personal creation, in that idea Andrew Corentt teaches the fundamental principles of the creative forces of the universe in his book I am happy, I am rich, through reading this book you will understand the universe and know that you should always love because every being is an expression of your own world, by studying this free you can rid of worries, guilt and feelings that make you feel bad, you will begin to take control of his life and thus can realize all your wishes and achieve true fullness, exceed the illusion of pain. To the extent that you can see manifest life itself in others will know that you can not afford to have bad feelings for anyone, because you can not hate himself. Andrew Corentt explains to us that one of the ways of achieving peace, freedom, love, health and prosperity is wishing for others, everytime you help or something only heals itself is healing is. Should always wish the best for others, or can happen to us as this anecdote: at a fairly large company worked an engineer in charge of construction projects, it happened that this engineer liked to steal without that owners should give account, he did it very subtly, because once the owner of the company said unto him: look you have worked here for many years and the truth I am very confidentso that you DatTable a special project, I want to make me an excellent house with all kinds of luxuries, using the best materials, you cannot skimp on costs, then the engineer said, very well, I will build it in a way excellent. Then the constructor engineer said this is my opportunity to achieve something good and started to do a bad job to steal, but at first glance he looked well internally had many shortcomings, finished him work the owner told him, look, you are now done an excellent job for your dedication to this company I give the keys to your Housethat House you just build is your home, the man cried and complained to be done badly for himself. This small anecdote shows us that many times so we act with feelings of selfishness, that should not be, everything we see is our world so want and deliver the best. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we learn the true functioning of the universe and because we must always wish the best for others, doing, give and wish the best for others begin to experience everything that we sow, so you are a divine being that is born to experience love, peace, spirituality, health, abundance and happiness, so change your way of seeing the world and you will see how your own life also changes, experience it now, visit: original author and source of the article.