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Announcement: Copywriting – one of the fundamentals of prosperity of your business that you absolutely must have, at least at a beginner level. One may invest time, money and effort into advertising, but before you not familiar with the most important – the announcement of your program – all of your progress will be working poorly, and sometimes even against you! Error number one "Beautiful Name" header – a 80% success of your sales. If your program does not read – you can forget about the fact that you have a potential client. Beautiful and catchy names do not give your client. The thing is that we are constantly in a hurry, hurry to solve your problem, we want to get rid of it quickly. But most importantly, we want to get rid of it so it was easy, simple and painless. Simply put, we need to solve the problem, but we want to benefit. Use the name of the product titles that are particularly all have benefits for your client, and subheadings, which explains what you are selling. For example, the title Training to attract customers: "NON-STOP Sales!". You show a profit, the customer will receive. Short sale stop – this is for all entrepreneurs that are struggling, it's something that everyone seeks. The constant influx of customers, a constant stream of profits, sales, without effort, and so on. These are the images that pop into my head potential clients. Subtitle: "The system for constant flow of customers with minimal investment." You explained exactly what you are selling your potential customer, because just by reading a headline can make a simple mass conclusions about what it is here that sell.

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