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On the internet there are many web sites that provide a list of encuetas you pay. If you are not convinced, visit Jayme Albin . It is that this phenomenon has become quite popular, given the great expansion that internet has had in recent times, and because also that there are many people in the world trying new ways to earn money. One of these ways to make money using the internet, is the list of surveys pay. There are many companies online that are dedicated to recording data of persons interested in answering paid surveys. Then, these online companies are hired by other companies to perform market studies via e-mail, by finding tastes and views of their potential customers by this modality, which often is easier and cheaper to conduct a study of market with conventional methods. The websites of these online companies dedicated to doing paid surveys, are accessible for anyone, and it’s free to register. What happens is that to earn some money with paid surveys, you must register at many, many sites, and it takes time for research. Here comes the issue of lists: other web sites offer a list of surveys pay, to save time to the person that you want to register. There are those who offer a list of surveys pay, free, and other sites sell the list of surveys pay. Supposedly, ready pay is more complete and up-to-date with best surveys sites. But if that is really true, nobody knows. Even within people who have decided to buy the list, surely there is some to which the system gave good results and others do not. This is because surveys are not for anyone, they have more chance to be chosen for these paid surveys, people who live in developed countries and who have a good level of income, since they have greater purchasing power. Please Click here to see what are the sites of paid surveys that work, and begins to earn money simply by giving your opinion.

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