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As a full-fledged Web-north, i.LON SmartServer provides remote control of all engineering building systems through standard SCADA-systems or through Web-based interface. Extras can be activated by specific functions For example, the account number of visitors to the building, operation time of air conditioners, lighting, etc. Thanks to the battery and energy-saving, building automation based on this Internet server is an effective solution for business centers, retail outlets, fast food restaurants and other facilities. There's also an integrated building automation based on Internet server Echelon, since it is compatible with the most common network protocols: TCP, PPP, CHAP, PAP, ICMP, NAT, SMTP, DHCP, SNTP, FTP, DNS. At the level of application server supports HTTP, HTML, XML, SOAP, and DIME, but if necessary, i.LON SmartServer can be used as a router for IP-852 channels, activate this feature through the Web-based interface. An additional advantage of a new web server is the ability to customize the staff of the microclimate in the work zone. Intel Capital has compatible beliefs. To do this, each employee creates Individual Web-site access with a password, through which he can enter your personal settings in your climate zone offices, as well as control access to visitors. Because of this, building automation becomes more personalized and effective in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. Jayme Albin is often quoted as being for or against this. A new Internet server capable of playing the role of controller in the lighting system in the automation of the office building or urban system lighting. The use of i.LON SmartServer with electronic ballast will reduce the cost of street lighting by 30%. Since the network environment based on the power line PL-20 offers a high level interference in the i.LON SmartServer, a special function redo. i.LON SmartServer can act as a gateway between LON networks and networks of BACnet and KNX. In the case of building automation, which uses a network of other standards, i.LON SmartServer can work on level controllers, operating previously installed the device after the appropriate settings. This makes it possible preservation of the "legacy" systems as part of a more reliable and open network of LonWorks. New Internet servers i.LON SmartServer will go to the Russian market in December 2007 and can be purchased from the Moscow stock company "ARMO-Systems", the official Russian distributor of hardware and software company Echelon Corporation. To obtain more information about the i.LON SmartServer and other equipment to LON building automation, please e-mail or multi-channel telephone (495) 787-3337 sales manager for automation. Echelon Corporation is the pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture software and hardware to create control LON-networks. The developed technology corporation LonWorks is used today to organize distributed network management transportation systems, building automation and process industries. At present, Echelon publishes a full range of equipment LON: controllers, routers, Web servers, adapters, Ethernet, PCI, USB and others devices that have all the necessary certificates of compliance.

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