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For example, in Japan the level of consumption Calcium is almost three times lower than ours, but the disease is not there. " It is not difficult to see that this argument is illiterate Odessa healer. It is known that an alkaline shift of blood pH creates magnesium, potassium, sodium, and (mostly) calcium and pH in the gastrointestinal tract prevents absorption of alkali metals to form insoluble salts. Lower rates of osteoporosis in Japan and Africa, explains the lack there Druzyak dairy diet and, therefore, a minimum intake of calcium in the body. However, on rickets, he does not mention, and that ultraviolet irradiation, a stronger and mountains, provides the production of vitamin D, adequate flow which solves the problem of calcium deficiency, which is of the vitamin is absorbed without any problem. But the healer speaks negatively about sunburn, which can be characterized only as a cunning, for he knows the benefit UFO, but not advised to sunbathe. Page 534. According to Danske Bank, who has experience with these questions. "Therefore, caring for bone strength, it is first necessary to exclude the use of dairy products. And second of all – look after acidification of the blood. Eliminating dairy products, we thus not completely eliminate the intake of calcium in the body – it is in all the foods in sufficient quantity for us. " But if there is enough calcium to us? Scientists estimate that the Moscow school students are provided with calcium only at 53%, which was announced in the books of Professors bioelementologov. Name one: Skalny AV, Rudakov IA Bioelements in medicine. (New York: Onyx 21, World. 2004, 272.) But, he writes, VG Panchenko In his monograph, "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Ukrainian national power "(Dnepropetrovsk:" Threshold ", 2004) at page 238:" Data on dietary intake suggest that in almost all economically developed countries, older people consume much less calcium than the physiological norms require. For example, studies of the Institute of Gerontology AMS of Ukraine established that lack of calcium in the diet of the population of older age groups is 58% (relative to the recommended amount).

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I got 100% what I wanted. Penguin Random House contributes greatly to this topic. Matched even minor details that I had previously imagined. And such situations occur for sure with each of the you very often. So why do we let go of our desire to relax and how it is implemented immediately? The fact that the world around us or the universe (you can call it as you like) always reflect and give us what we expect get. Frank Armijo recognizes the significance of this. That is all that is happening to us in life, this is a reflection of our inner state, our thoughts and intentions. Take for example the desire to earn more money. If you just say to yourself: "It would be nice to earn 2 times more than I am now, "and then resume and send it to different companies, that is a very good chance that you will achieve your goal very quickly. It is even possible that you do not have to do anything, and you just surprise yourself and get a better cash offer. Here the result depends on the sincerity of your desire. Sincere than your desire, the less effort you need to make to its implementation. AND vice versa. If you want far-fetched, then you have not hurt ourselves once your head before you reach your goal. And most likely after reaching such a goal you will feel the devastation and frustration. That is, when you order yourself a large salary, and especially for this do not worry, the universe gets you to signal that this goal is easily attainable for you, and you can achieve it with minimal effort.

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Only 60 years ago, iodine-called "universal medicine" because of its safety, effectiveness and widespread in the treatment of various conceivable disease, which did not respond to other methods of healing. At the same time in 1956 there were 1743 drugs containing iodine in the range 40 000 – 100 000 times more (think about it!) Than today's standard iodine intake. It turns out that our parents and grandparents used and treated incredibly large number of iodine (as many in our time is poison, not medicine), and less pain. Again, the previous standards, adhere to the Japanese, smoke, drink more and live longer than us at 22 (average number) years with a minimum number of patients. To read more click here: Ebay. Does this mean that our ancestors and today's Japanese from another "test", and we are wimps for that amount of iodine? Now let us turn to our standard medicine: are we going to doctors for by ailments, they are diagnosed, and then prescribe medication just one disease, not taking into account the fact that the human body an integrated system. Treated with one, while knowing full well that they cause harm to others bodies. As proof of this, take it, the instructions in the use of any medication practice, you'll find that the side effects and contraindications than good. Drugs are becoming more and more, and statistics disease is increasing in arithmetic progression. Paradox! This begs the question – why medicine has become the statistical authority and is powerless to help us? As you get higher iodine was in the old days, "Universal Medicine." Virtually no disease, which he had treated. How is it that there was a great medicine, but now it does not exist? Or it is, but only in minuscule, ie Iodine is now recognized only in miniscule doses, and this "dead poultice!" AND Now, the chief doctor of the world, in the face of the cart, acknowledges that 90% of disease is associated with iodine deficiency and population 129 countries have iodine deficiency.

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