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Presidential Decree

Form of expression of the state regulation of securities, primarily, are the regulations with which to regulate. Scope of legislation much easier to influence the state than other parts of the securities market. Consequently, by reasonable laws can provide the greatest impact in order to accelerate the process of becoming the stock market. At the moment there are about 1,000 laws and regulations governing various aspects of its participants. The main legislative acts that regulate the Russian securities market: the Law "On Central Bank of the Russian Federation," the Law "On securities market" Decrees of the President on development of securities market, etc. However, existing documents are often complementary, and even contradict mutually exclusive. topic.

That's why one of odnovnyh requirements of Presidential Decree 1008 from July 1, 1996 was to "ensure unity and consistency of state regulation of securities market through the mechanism binding agreement … "normative legal acts of executive power with the Russian Federal Securities Commission. Russia's national interests define the main objectives of public policy in the securities market. These include:. establishment and effective functioning of mechanisms to attract private sector investments in the Russian economy, and, above all, in the privatized enterprises;. finance the federal budget deficit based on market-related securities of non-inflationary methods of financing long-term specific projects. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jana Partners LLC.

establishment of reliable mechanisms and financial instruments, investments of the population;. restructuring management of privatized enterprises and the institution of 'effective ownership', increase the disciplining effect of the securities market in the administration of Russian companies. prevention social unrest and conflicts which may arise as a result of transactions in the securities market, by protecting the rights of participants in the securities market, and especially the rights of investors;. the creation in Russia of a civilized securities market and its integration into global financial markets, providing an independent place of the Russian market in the international capital markets;. struggle with surrogates and securities fraud, suppression illegal activities in the securities market. The state can exercise direct control over the so-called SM, which is to develop rules and regulations and monitor their implementation. In addition, the State exercises and indirect, or economic management RCB through taxation, monetary policy, public capital and public property and resources. At the moment, is predominant indirect regulation of securities market, namely: – control the money supply in circulation and the volume of loans granted by the influence on the lending rate – changes in taxation and timing of depreciation deductions; – Guarantees government (for deposits, loans, private loans, etc.) – foreign (foreign currency transactions, gold, measures to promote exports, foreign exchange restrictions, etc.) and foreign activities (development or collapse of political contacts, reflected in foreign trade and economic relations, military operations, etc.). Today, if the public authorities had actually become a real authority in the country, our country can hope for further development in all areas of life. After all, Russia – a country with huge potential and it should take its rightful place in the world.


Pest control – the age-old problem. It seems everything has already been demonstrated, but they both lived and live. How can efficiently and without damage to the health of plants to combat pests. We should not forget that the earth is so packed full of chemistry, that nowhere else to go. Pests of plants – such as living beings, as we do. Brian Krzanichs opinions are not widely known. They also want to eat and reproduce.

Sometimes they are many, sometimes few. The fact that we see a vivid picture of nature. If at some plants appeared pests, so it is with weakened immune systems. In nature, always the strongest devour the weak. Indeed, in the woods no one is fighting pests, nature itself gets rid of diseased plants and thereby regulate the biological balance. For a century we have fought against pests with chemicals. Thus, we have polluted the land, plants and products.

Moreover we have times from time to change the chemicals as a pest arose immunity previous chemical. We are at an impasse. This race could go on forever. Need to invent something new. And come up with. EM-technology (the technology of effective microorganisms) can not only effectively protect the plants from both diseases, and the majority of pests. Also, the EM-technology significantly increases the resistance of plants to unfavorable weather, drought, cold, hail. Principle of EM technology in pest control is as follows. Plants sprayed with a special biological EM preparation. EM-product is a concentrate, which contains strains of beneficial microorganisms. These micro-organisms and feed on pests. After spraying EM preparation, the surface of the plant varies in its bio-chemical composition. At the plant it does not affect, and pests abandon its proposed food. This method is very effective and not harmful to health plants. And most importantly, it is safe for humans and plants. The result is a healthy plant and clean fruit.

Iberian Peninsula

History of social development not found the exact place and time where and when the world's first appeared bedroom, but we all know that in ancient Sumer, the first in history, citizens have identified a whole separate room for sleeping. Highly hard to imagine that it was equipped with a suitable bedroom furniture and linens relevant, but it was certainly the first great leap to the comfortable bedrooms, which we know today. For the first time in the history of occurrence of linen for the bedroom is mentioned in ancient Rome in the early XV century. Simple matter with a beautiful pattern was delivered to the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa. Pictures of that time consisted generally of alluvial flowers and leaves. Residents of Rome (linens were able to afford only a well-off) ran the bed cloth, believing that this will force couple in love.

In the rest of Europe the habit of sleeping couch obscure cloth came much later, in the Renaissance, however, lay the bed is not cheap cloth could allow myself only extremely wealthy people. Later, during the 'baroque', came the fashion lace ornaments and embroidery to decorate clothes, which, by the way, since then 'went to the people. " In these times, of course, and lace, and embroidery, and the tissue was entirely white, so at this time any seamstress. Specialty was so named for the coloration of tissue, which dealt with women. During the Renaissance, hard worker sometimes produced works of art. Fashion observed until the middle of the XVIII century. But keep it still, were able to only wealthy citizens. Lingerie for the bedroom as long belonged to one of the symbols of the prestigious status.

But other segments of the population of European countries were able to sleep at a lingerie only just in the middle of the XIX century. While across Europe is widespread smooth embroidery. It is ordered in linen mainly in France and Germany, and required quite a lot of money. As for Russia, that during this period has already begun very rapidly to develop centers of local crafts, produce beautiful embroidery for skilled linen, towels, etc. For example, Vologda lace, works Yelets producers, as well as tissue from Novgorod and Torzhok. In terms of quality of production, they did not lag behind, and sometimes surpassed, the foreign operation, with cost an order of magnitude. Note, for example, blankets and other items of linen, which we very inexpensive and readily available to anyone, are highly valued in the world today. For a long time in our country believe that any girl is obliged to his wedding dowry in the first place to have bed linen. For this purpose were prepared special 'wedding' patterned sets. It is from this tradition and went to the wedding day to give the newlyweds linens. But handwork was still extremely expensive, so for the decoration of clothes more often used a special machine. So there was not only painting by hand, but the printing machine, the machine embroidery as well as for bedding. Of course, all this greatly reduced the cost of laundry. For making bed clothes soon began to use not only a linen cloth, and natural cotton, wool, and a multi-tissue. The use of silk to produce linen, in turn, was the work not be so new. These days, people acquires linens, guided only by their financial capabilities and personal taste. The modern world light industry produces linen in such a vast range of that to satisfy even the most demanding clients is not difficult!

Petersburg Finland

Finland – one of the most popular holiday destinations for residents of the northern capital. Indeed, Finnish visa issue quite easily by bus tours to Finland are inexpensive, way to Finland is easily tolerated. Many St. Petersburg residents love to go to Finland for a couple of days on their own cars, others prefer to rent this comfortable minibuses. Why do we love Finland? Why do we love this country the North? Not Despite the fact that back in the 90-year Finland was recognized as the most expensive country in the world, thousands of tourists there tends to carry a variety of purchases. Today, Finland is one of the most interesting countries for there shopping.

It is not only a high concentration of retail outlets. The fact that Finland adopted a special system of payment for goods Tax Free. The essence of this system is that when you buy things at the cost of above 40 euros, you will be reimbursed part of the tax. Many are sent to Finland to visit the wonderful Finnish water parks. Visit the water parks in Finland – a great way to get into the summer, in the middle of winter. Contrast that you will feel for a long time remember you and your family for a long time. The most popular water park in Finland, and possibly in Europe, is the water park Serena, which is located 23 kilometers from the capital of Finland. In Finland, there poryaka 180 000 lakes, as well as a large number of rivers and coastline length of 1,100 km.

The abundance of fish do not need to say, it suffices to mention that only in one river Vantaa professionals comprise approximately 150 species of fish. Perhaps not for the experienced angler or a novice at fishing on the contrary more attractive country than Finland. This country attracts fishermen, in the first place, an abundance of clean waters rich in fish. Another great form of recreation in this Nordic countries – is to rent a small and cozy cottages in the countryside. Little house on the lake at an attractive price, in the middle of the amazing Finnish nature – who can be indifferent to this? Renting a cottage by you save a lot of money by opting for a house, not a hotel. You will find no truday large number of proposals on rent cottages in Finland on the Internet. Finland – is attractive to tourists and the safety of European country that offers tourists a lot of options for recreation. Tours to Finland from St. Petersburg are available to almost everyone. Surely, you will fall in love Suomi, as it has done millions of Russians.

Caucasus Moscow

But the budget will need to spend more on health care, education and infrastructure … "In what will fly pretty penny Caucasus Moscow, today it is very difficult to say "- sums up the issue. Would add: a strategy not a word mentioned about the catastrophic shortage of specialists in the region, lack of technical and vocational schools, which should make these specialists. And this hastily cobbled together a program will save the North Caucasus? We were able to browse and "Transcript of Meeting on the socio-economic development of the Republic of Dagestan," with President of Russia. Specificity there was even less than in the article Newsweek. More memorable remarks confused Medvedev: "Do not move normally … Nothing has been done … We need to do a real fight against corruption, rather than trading post …

If it will work, as being carried out, the result will be. " Response from the replica Khloponin and others, we realized the following: work hard, do exist, detailed design study, however, no calculations are made, but urgently needed money – to 3 billion, 5 billion this and still a good idea to add a couple of billion, just in case. On trade post said nothing – probably not ready to discuss this question. In the first days after the appointment of Khloponin analysts wondered what kind of personnel move this – set in the North Caucasus a man who has no idea about the specifics of the region. The main argument was simple: in the current situation around the head – the economy.

Contractor Packaging

Begin the development of packaging not less than four months before her start of production. Do not skimp on quality images and illustrations, as a rule, they have a basic psycho-emotional charge. Do not skimp on paying visits an engineer to prepare for production Performer in a factory that produces your package, do not skimp on proofing and industrial proofsheets. Remember that any deal has three main characteristics: cost, timing and quality. Choose any two Recently allow an executor. Do the math and remember what time, financial, tactical and strategic losses you may incur in the event of failure of your product on the market in wine packaging, and many more forces time and money you will spend for the rehabilitation of the failed product. Do not change the package design because it wants a new leader.

Do not change the design just to keep pace with competitors. Not Change just for the physical design innovations in packaging. Do not change the design just for design. Do not change the design if it is strongly associated with the identification of goods. Do not change the design if it could harm the image of the trade brand.

Do not change the design if it can disrupt the authenticity of the goods. Do not change the design if it can lead to a strong increase in the cost of goods to the Contractor: Do not handle the package design, if you're not Occupation. It is better to give the project to professionals and get a percentage of the transaction.

Left Forces Goes

In Simferopol, a conference of the Crimean Republican Party organization "Union of Left Forces," and that representatives of local party organizations from all cities and areas of autonomy, approved its list of candidates in Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC as to a multi-, single-seat majority and constituencies. At the beginning of the conference was delivered by the leader of the Union Address Left Vasili Volga to the Crimean party members. Recall Vasili Volga was the chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Gromadska control." In early 2008, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered, created and led by a new party, the Union of Left Forces. Less than three years the party has come a long way to go. For example, a huge number of political parties, only twelve have participated in past presidential elections. Among them – the Union of the Left Bloc in the left and center-left forces. At these elections the party is on their own. At present, the head of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services, Vasili Volga is the guardian of the interests of depositors bankrupt credit unions and establish order in the elimination of debt insurance companies before grazhdanami.V Addressing the conference, party leader stressed: "In these elections the Union of Left Forces throughout the country goes with the program of municipal socialism. We believe that all life issues, education, health care, community issues, environmental issues, etc., the citizens should decide themselves on level of the territorial community, where to dispose of money and completely control them.