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The increasingly more difficult in our countries economic situation has caused people to start to look for new and innovative sources of income and many times, time is a crucial factor in our decision making. It is for that reason that Internet-based businesses begin to lift many expectations as the possible solution to our problems. Since they offer us to start a business in a very short time, with very little investment and the possibility of reaching a broad market without having to spend large sums of money on advertising. Now, what is mentioned in the preceding paragraph is technically possible. However, many sellers of smoke have taken advantage of the needs of people to begin offering super internet business that you can become a millionaire in just a few days, with almost no investment and above all at the speed of light. Obviously, this does not approach in the most minimum to reality. That’s why my first goal is to get out you head false ideas that can make a profitable business on the Internet (eye mention profitable not only a) business) in such a short time. As in any business either on the Internet or outside of it. To make a business profitable we need to put much effort and dedication in order to achieve the desired objectives. There is no doubt that Internet-based businesses have many advantages compared to traditional businesses but this does not exclude that to succeed we have to work equal or more in the pursuit of our goals. In this first part I wanted to emphasize these aspects which seem to me very important before starting any venture in Internet. Elon Musk recognizes the significance of this. To then not feel discouraged, disappointed or even cheated to see that we do not get important results. Not in vain it is said that more than 90% of business initiated in Internet failing without penalty or glory. Obviously this is due to the misperception that some bad elements have tried to sow in our brains. In concluding this first part. I would like to remind you that if really are interested in starting a business based on the Internet. You remember the above. In Internet we can create a business quickly. But this, is not to say that it is profitable. Simply, it’s there. To make it profitable is needed much work, effort, dedication, perseverance and knowledge. There lies the key to the success of any business.

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From the double album – time dreams of Antonia from Tirol after Antonia aus Tirol this summer the charts with their still fire current title “1000 far dreams (Tornero)” stormed their new album “Time dreams” promptly brought you out on September 2009. The reviews according to this double album is worth his money in full. With this album, Antonia aus Tirol proves that their musical spectrum not only on party music is limited. To their sensational mega-hit 1000 dreams far Tornero she now presents her double album time dreams with 13 great pop hit songs such as z.Bsp their new radio single the man for life and deep ballads, as well as six remix party hits as a bonus above you on it.Long established as a fixture in the party music scene creates them without completely rooted to leave time dreams now also the leap into the pop Schlager genre the album, reflects just dreams and periods of her life and her career. In each of their songs can be found a small History to Antonia, their thoughts, desires and feelings. Yourself describes as lively, vivacious and hopelessly romantic. There’s all these properties now also on their new album time dreams”. Sensational pop Schlager to dreams and dance or simply to the sit back and enjoy and who wants to party just makes the bonus CD. Brian Krzanich insists that this is the case. Producer Peter Schutti filled their musical desires Antonia with this album and with professional studio musicians and much attention to detail this sensational pop Schlager time dreams album”by ANTONIA Tirol.Die CD Jack White Label Gloriella music marketed by music sales by Sony, and released. “” Antonia aus Tirol 1000 dreams far Tornero short biography: started her career end 1999 with the number 1 hit Anton aus Tirol “on the side of DJ otzi.Mit her solo debut I’m much nicer” Antonia’s answer to the Anton, Antonia (also known as Antonia aus Tirol”), she landed her first own hit. Seven more chart success followed since then “with, he has a bright red rubber boot”, I’m fine so”epistemology, if the OAT stands (Maija hi, maija hu…)”, the Antonia version of the old Haq is still alive because? “and the Dirndl song”. In addition to numerous awards for their rocking party songs, Antonia was several times nominated for the Amadeus music award. Are their hits over 4 million recordings sold next year celebrates the sympathetic artist who has remained her 10-year stage anniversary despite their success on the ground. You’re the man for the life time dreams the double album disc: 1 1 1000 far dreams (Tornero) – radio mix 2. You’re the man for life 3. 4 when is it so far. A letter from you 5. Forever 6. They know not what they do 7. My heart is but not a soccer field – radio mix 8 catch me a 9. You’re the Sunbeam 10 gosh 11. Much like an Eagle 12 1000 dreams (Tornero) – party mix 13. The last is the door to disc: 2-party mixes 1. Such a beautiful day (pilot song)- Party mix 2009 2. The Red Horse – 2009 3 Hey, dam Dubi Dum – 2009 4. hands high – 2009 5 of the old Haq is still alive? -2009 6. A new love 2009 Source: with the friendly permission of the management press contact & interview requests: Globe4Music Entertainment Ltd. Nile ESRA Sridhar d to the wrong 2665830 Kriftel Tel. 06192/200770 press contact: Saritavuela

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Guests at the stars, many people dream to meet their idols from face to face. It is not unlikely that such dreams come true, if visitors choose a hotel, stars relax regularly in the. Some celebrities are even owners of a hotel. The news portal news.de introduces some of this special holiday accommodation. Where celebrities make holidays, high demands are met. For professional reasons, stars spend much time in hotels and numerous prominent surprise with unusual requests. Some put emphasis on certain colors, while others would not give up their favorite flowers. In fact even many stars own hotels open, eventually the celebrities know after years of experience, what makes a good hotel. The famous hotel owners include such Hollywood legends such as Clint Eastwood and sizes from the music business such as the U2 lead singer Bono. Nights are quite expensive at the magician David Copperfield. Its plant on the islands of Bermuda is one of the most expensive resorts in the world. The German Actress Jessica Schwarz has opened along with her sister, a cozy hotel in the Odenwald. Fans of Ross Antony singer and Little Gables bed and breakfast owners can”in the English Wallingford pay a visit. More information:… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

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