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New Zealand Tom Mockridge

The New Zealand Mockridge assumes the control of News International. The executive has had hard enfreamientos with Silvio Berlusconi. The New Zealand Tom Mockridge, advisor until now delegated of Sky Italy, will assume the same position in News International after the resignation of Rebekah Brooks, director of News of the World when the dominical Briton realised illegal listening. Mockridge has been 20 years tie to the empire of Rupert Murdoch. After initiating his race like journalist in New Zealand and Australia, where it was j of section of economy of the newspapers Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, it left the press temporarily to become adviser of Australian prime minister Paul Keating when this he was economy minister. When announcing today its appointment, James Murdoch, person in charge of News Corporation in Europe and Asia and son of Rupert, assured that " Tom is a magnificent executive with an unbeatable experience in the business of the media and televisin". Father of two children, Mockridge arrives at the United Kingdom to become position of News International, British branch of News Corporation, in a while really delicate but with the reputation of to have consolidated Sky in Italy, where the digital platform of television has five million subscribers. In addition, the executive has demonstrated ability to work in delicate situations, carrying out hard confrontations with Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, owner also of a mediatic group, Mediaset. Source of the news: The strong man of Murdoch in Italy replaces Rebekah Brooks in News International

Municipal Agents

In hardly two hours and " without incidentes" , an unfolding of 300 antiriot and municipal agents, followed of a legion of street cleaners of the municipal service, has finished and so it was of the Movement 15-M in the Stroll of the Prado and the Door of the Sun of Madrid. The decision to evacuate to the last ones encamped in both zones (58 in the first and Sun some thirty, according to police calculations) took &quot yesterday; of way conjunta" the City council and the Department of the Interior, have informed to this newspaper a municipal spokesman. Both institutions " they have decided, preparation and ejecutado" in common agreement the operation. Between the mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn, and the minister, Antonio Camacho, &quot is one; total sintona". The Delegation of the Government – who from the rise of the great one encamped the 12 of June maintained that the informative large cabin that followed still on it was a municipal subject against the Town hall, that maintained that it was a question of " order pblico" – it has not taken part, safe to execute the order. Source of the news: : Evacuated without incidents indignant of Prado and the Sun


The building is located in the capital of the country, Abuya. Esteem that the deads could reach a greater number. The suspicions of the responsibility point at a sect islamist or The Qaeda. At least 18 people have died in the attack with pump happened east Friday in the building of the UN in the capital of Nigeria, Abuya, according to has informed the commissioner into police Mike Zuokumor to the journalists in the place of the event. Zuokumor needed that the numbers are, at the moment, provisional and that still can vary, since they continue the rescue work after the explosion. " We have ten dead ones and could have ms" , a medical person in charge has explained who has asked not to be identified. A security source has aimed at the possibility that the attack has been work of Boko Haram, a radical sect Nigerian islamist, or To the Qaeda in Magreb Islmico (AQMI). The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has condemned the explosion he has described and it like " attack against world-wide La Paz ".

In an official notice spread in the Nigerian capital, Jonathan also expressed its rejection by " Barbarian attacks, without sense and cobarde". The building of the UN has been blackened completely in the low part can the rest of a car that hit against the same and soon it exploded. In the place are soldiers, firemen and rescue teams. " A car hit against the building and exploded. This is probably the work of Boko Haram or AQMI, and is a serious scaling in the situation of security in Nigeria" , the security person in charge has considered. " This is the worse thing than &quot could have happened; , it has thought. Ocilaje Michael, member of the personnel of the UN that worked in the building, assures to have seen several corpses after the explosion.

" We saw the explosion in the building. All the people in the ground floor are dead. Their bodies are desperdigados by all the place. I have seen about five cadveres" , it has related. A reporter of Reuters has been able to see several bodies introduced in an ambulance. Boko Haram, whose name translated of hausa means " the western education is pecado" , it has been behind the majority of almost daily attacks with pump and shootings, in its majority against the Police. In fact, this Thursday, Boko Haram it exploded a pump in a police station and attacked banks in a locality of the northeast of the country, leaving at least twelve deads, among them police and a soldier. As far as AQMI, it operates mainly in the Niger neighbor, where it has kidnapped to several foreigners. Nevertheless, also one suspects that it kidnapped to a Briton and Italian in east Nigeria a year. In December of 2007, an attack with car pump in the offices of the UN in Algiers left at least 41 deads, among them 17 members of the personnel of United Nations. In 2003, fifteen members of the personnel and other seven people died in an attack with pump against soothes of the UN in Baghdad. Source of the news: At least 18 died in the explosion of a pump in soothe of the UN in Nigeria

Fiscal Council

In addition, the minimum limit rises by which the creditor can adjudge itself or of present 50% to 60%, and the present possibility that is eliminated in certain cases the creditor could even adjudge itself or below those limits. In this way, the vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo explained Perez Rubalcaba after the Cabinet, is avoided that the prices of auctioned buildings " they fall and caigan" , with the consequent damage for the owner of the house, that will have money still more to the financial organization. Article 670 of the Law of Civil Judgment establishes that the awarding from the building to the best postor in an auction or to the financial organization could not be inferior with general character to 50% of the value of appraisal, unless the offered amount, still being smaller, serves to cover the demanded debt (including interests and coasts). Law of Budgetary Stability Also, the Cabinet has approved a Real Decree with which it modifies the Law of Budgetary Stability and determines a maximum top to the annual increase of the cost of the State and the local organizations bound to the evolution of the national GIP to the five previous years and the forecasts of evolution for the three following years. Of this form, the Government assumes the European commitment to determine a rule of evolution of the public cost that guarantees its entailment to the own evolution of the economy. In addition, the Government has also decided to propose an analogous initiative to the independent communities in the next meeting of the Fiscal Council of Policy and Financiera (CPFF), who will be celebrated at the end of the month of July. Aid of ICO On the other hand the vice-president first advanced that the Institute of Official Credit (ICO) will pay up to 3,400 million Euros the SMEs that have pending debts with the city councils, to that will discount the invoices that the organism of the income pays against the account that annually realises the State to the local corporations. The mechanism consists of which the suppliers of the public administrations, and especially SMEs of less than 250 workers, can receive from immediate way through ICO the payment of a very excellent part of the debts that with them maintain the organizations local.

The credit organism will destine resources to the payment of the obligations contracted and not satisfied by the local organizations, generating in return a credit of ICO against these, that will have to give back in a maximum of three years and that it will have by guarantee the participation of the concrete organization in the tributes of the State. The operations will have a maximum limit of 25% of the annual amount of the deliveries at the expense of the participation of the local organization in tributes of the State of year 2011, that is to say, about 3,400 million Euros. In this way, it added Rubalcaba, the Government takes care of " difficult situacin" in that they are so much the suppliers as the own local organizations at the moment of special difficulty. Source of the news: The Government raises from the 50 60% the minimum value of awarding of auctioned houses