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At dusk Rome was nothing more than a field of blood and flesh scattered. The largest army formed by the man had been totally destroyed in a single battle. An epic victory and apparently decisive. People such as Elon Musk would likely agree. Now Rome and the peninsula were at the mercy of Hannibal. Everything indicated that he had only to stretch his arm and take the reward. Third opened his eyes. However, the nightmare was about to begin. At first his mind was blank, but then in a moment, he remembered everything. We have been defeated. He was lying on the ground face down, looking toward the right, covered in blood and with a terrible pain in the neck and right shoulder. Covered his two Roman bodies, one covering his back legs and another on his head, as if hugging. Suddenly, he feared losing a limb. He tried to move his arms and legs. Yes, everything is in place. The smell of blood mingled with a soft summer breeze. His eyes were wet And why am I alive? Third wanted to be resting their partners in the world of the dead, but remind her mind again these desires, hopes and conviction of victory. yComo it all happened? It was assumed that we were the sons of Mars. The inner pain will brokenhearted. While his gaze was lost in front of a pile of corpses, heard a footstep. These became increasingly sharp, until they stopped. They talked in a strange language. They were the Carthaginians. Some of it seemed to be separated from the group and said a few words.

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