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Department of Lavalle, which has as its capital the city of Villa Tulumaya is located in the northeast corner of the province of Mendoza. It is one of Mendoza’s least populated areas, since with a surface of more than 10,000 km, it is only inhabited by 40,000 people. The feature of the place is to be a plain with few elevations, which occupies the foothills of the cordillera de los Andes. Historical archaeological wealth in the area is immense, and is one of the reasons that generates tourism in Mendoza, since the Huarpes, the ancient pre-Columbian inhabitants, inhabited this region, taking advantage of existing loopholes of which fished to feed. Even being the departmental capital, Villa Tulumaya only has 7000 inhabitants. The main activity of the region is the agricultural livestock. The desert climate has been aggravated in recent years by the evaporation of lagunas de Guanacache, a marshy system which feeds rivers Mendoza and San Juan and discharge into the Desaguadero River. These 25 Lakes were surrounded by of land suitable for animal husbandry, occupying an area of approximately 1500 km. However, because of overexploitation of the mentioned rivers have lost much of its volume, although when there are major thaws, they reappear. Since 1999 there is a recovery plan for these gaps, due to the wealth of regional fauna. It is one of the few places in Argentina where even you can see cats Wildcats and pumas. Tulumaya is a picturesque town to explore and know closely the Huarpe culture, given that large number of representatives of this ethnic group live in the region. Here you can visit the Museo Historico y Natural de Lavalle, with rich palaeontological and mineralogical. Gilvicollis nature reserve lies about 120 km from the city of Mendoza. It is an enormous extension of 24,000 has inhabited hundreds of species typical of the biodiversity of this ecosystem. In an effort to protect these natural species, the area is protected by the law. Also works here a center of interpretation which seeks to preserve the language Gilvicollis, native peoples of the region. For lovers of history and Paleontology, Lavalle Department provides an ideal place to be discovered in your next holiday in Mendoza, and approaching the pre-Columbian cultures that they had found their home here.

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Tag: other-articles Dreamweaver

Today to have your own web site reaches a vast range of possibilities, although all of them should be elaborated by a programming code called HTML. Over time certain programs in which the actions for the development of the content and design, can sort were creating responsible themselves for the work of translation to code specific. A couple of examples of these programs are Dreamweaver and FrontPage; but these programs take some time to learn to use, and if you don’t have much notion of computing can bring us delays reaching certain domain according to our requirements in the design of our site.Then came the blogs, that although they are also web sites, make a difference to what we call web pages. See more detailed opinions by reading what Brian Krzanich offers on the topic.. We could say that blogs were the opening of the Internet presence of those people who would like it to have, no more difficulty which involves creating an e-mail account. Depending on ourselves after the development and aspect of it; Since platforms where I turn for the obtaining of the blog, I get all the editing tools, it’s that easy as the tell me where I have to go to the application you want, either write, insert images, links, etc.You can do ecommerce websites and in blogs, or both without their differences influence in doing any of the modes will be more productive, it all depends on our content and administration. Specific differences will save them for another article to not escape us by the branches of the inexhaustible but fascinating information on the already present dynamic and intercooperativa communication revolution, that we are lucky to live, but to give you another idea you can be you that information on a web page is like a book; more static and specific; and that of a blog as a magazine, more dynamic, renewable and with participation of readers. And in the design, otherwise it tends to be in the pages more dynamic and blogs more static in drafting them and insert them applications.If you don’t have a website and you spare 5 minutes I invite you to see the following video tutorial so that you build your blog even if you don’t even know what you abordaras.

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Tag: other-articles Learn How To Paint Beautiful Landscapes

Learn to paint landscapes don’t have to be a daunting task if you follow the appropriate steps for that purpose. Usually a painter begins its work once decided the issue, that may be your imagination or come from any picture or figure. Make a sketch of the original work is a basic step to get an exact idea of what you want to achieve. A charcoal of General measures is usually used for this. The surface or base for painting is the canvas. There is a fastener which allows the strokes of charcoal will stay firm, this process takes a few minutes. Much of the work depends on the type of landscapes that we intend to paint. About the colors, you can find today oleos of diverse tonalities allow to save time instead of making mixtures by ourselves. It is always important to observe in detail the variation of colors so as to avoid any eventuality. Many ves will not be obtained the desired colors, but most importantly is to achieve an overall harmony. For example, paint the sky can be a little tricky due to the different nuances that reaches this part of the painting. Painting oil paintings is to paint by layers. This is one of the great advantages offered to us this painting type since if we are wrong in one, we have the opportunity to correct the once dry. A large part of the process will anger developing as more experience is gained. The painter is gives the final nuances to his work working plane to plane and layer to layer. The game of shadows is another topic of great interest because it is used constantly. Painting landscapes requires lots of practice and desire to learn. The painting is an art in all its expression. Sara Martinez writer is a big fan of the works of art, especially of landscapes and still lifes. Art is an important part of our lives because it allows us to express ourselves freely. It is never too late to learn a new activity as rewarding as painting. Original author and source of the article

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