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Private Sector Abundance

On the whole country is about 1.5 thousand apartment houses, where about 52 thousand people. Thus, the actual degree of urbanization of the Republic leaves only about 2%. The abundance of the private sector is a huge problem in terms of maintaining the communal, social and engineering infrastructure. The more that private development is often chaotic. Some private houses, home to one family may occupy an entire block.

But even with such an abundance of private sector in Dagestan is still more efficient from an economic point of view than the rural areas of the country. In the cities below unemployment, higher tax collections and business activity of the population. On village of the same large differences in elevation, and distance makes laying and maintaining the infrastructure is very expensive and difficult. Thus, the cost of infrastructure in Makhachkala in the past year in terms of per capita were many times lower than in most rural areas of the country. And the economic activity of population and tax collection – many times more. For example, the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala – nedotatsionny city, which itself generates its revenue base. In recent years, the capital each year to build capacity by 30-40%.

Number of unemployed registered in Makhachkala, the lowest in the Republic of Dagestan. Most of the tax revenues provided at the expense of small and medium-sized businesses. In this area, in Makhachkala, with more than 3.5 thousand juridical persons, and 13.7 thousand private entrepreneurs. Approximately two thirds of the budget of the republic – is to help lower budgets, in fact – costs of community, social and engineering infrastructure.

City Hall

The gross domestic product (GDP) is the total value of all the goods, are goods and services produced within a year within the borders of an economy and the end-use. Goods that are not directly used, but on Commons, be included in the calculation as a change in stocks. To know more about this subject visit Elon Musk. The services collected in contrast to the gross national income in the calculation of the GDP of foreigners (so-called domestic principle). The depreciation will be deducted from GDP, the net domestic product emerges. GDP is a measure of the economic performance of an economy in a given period. Unfortunately, also expenses for such as the Elimination of consequential damages from accidents or disasters are positively.

Whether these efforts will increase the prosperity is doubtful. It is to say that the GDP reflects only the output, not the wealth of an economy to sum up. Also a country and time comparison is only possible as a result. Note: 1 two intersecting each other their hair for ever 3 endanger 1 workplace. 2. increase not the gross domestic product, because their services are not included! 3.

contribute nothing to the Volkswohlstand, because their services in the country remain! The public and private sectors are distinguished by the accounting method: Finance_2, also cameralistic accounting, or Kameralbuchhaltung, is a method of accounting. It is used exclusively in the public sector and is the dominant when the authorities accounting procedures so far. Accounting is a portmanteau that Abbreviates the concept of double-entry bookkeeping. The acronym stands for the DOPP element accounting in accounts the private economy. Accounting in Germany with the introduction of double accounting in public administration at the country level, the term was a Renaissance to clarify the difference to the previous measuring accounting (Cameralistics). They get the old and new financial plan in their city etc. in its respective City Hall – city coffers.